if it’s good to be gone

i am not one to prophesize
i’m not clairvoyant, otherwise
i’d be a richer, freer me…
if forced into a prophecy
the only thing i’m sure would be
that everybody dies
in time
everybody dies
i hate to be
an augur of
the morbid
i’m sorry if it means
your plans
were thwarted
if it’s too much
news for you,
well i thought
you knew it too
there’s no way to
avoid it yet
death hasn’t been
exploited yet
by those that could
with good intentions;
there’s no word of
a new invention
to put an end to passing on,
not that they should,
if it’s good to be gone,
and i will admit they’re fairly clever,
no one wants to live forever
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by mary bettini blank, courtesy pixabay.com
this verse came about because of the Daily prompt – prophecy

5 thoughts on “if it’s good to be gone

  1. Suppose the world was ruled by a government that was fair? Suppose this government grew food enough for everyone and wasn’t selfish about it? Suppose there was no crime, no sickness, no death? Suppose no one ever picked up a gun and would never even think about that?

    Now, that’s a government I would love to live under. Yes, I would want to love forever under those conditions. Just think of the possibilities of the chances to learn new things and discoveries. No fighting? Yes, that would be my kind of life. Wouldn’t you want to live forever under those kinds of conditions? Who wouldn’t?


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