About kStan(ly)

last updated July 2, 2016
started April something 2016
don’t make me look it up
i’m doing 4 other things right now
it was the end of the month

small k
big S
around l-y.
remember please,
spelled wrong it makes me cry

This is my stuff from high school to I’m Still Doing This…

Consider it a Child’s Garden of Verses for Grown-Ups.

Besides this fabulous Robert Louis Stevenson collection that occupied my childhood obsessively, some of my other versification influences included Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll, AA Milne, Heinrich Hoffman, Ogden Nash, Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss….

…but they all had incredible illustrations that were the perfect companions to their verses, so to shield you from my own bad art (except the logo and maybe a doodle or family photo or two) and in the absence of a reliable collaborator, I have borrowed liberally & almost entirely from those generous artists who post their excellent work for free for all to use.

I hope you will spend at least as much time gazing at each incredible artwork as you do reading the verse that/it accompanies. wow, that’s a cool slash break. works all 3 ways. cool. seriously, i get lost in most of these pictures. i hope you’ll check out the links if i had ’em to give.


this is by bngdesigns, courtesy pixabay.com, see what i mean? it was the first result in my search to make my heart jump. stare into that for a while. i am in awe..

if one of these graphic masterpieces is yours and I don’t have you credited, please let me fix that immediately! i’ll be happy to put in or change a link, contact me here with the link. contact me there even if you’re not a visual artist and just want to chat. or feel free to post comments here or on a particular verse.


also, to you artists out there who i don’t have anything by, especially fine art or mixed media, i’d love to explore some cooperative collaborations…

let me know if there’s more you want to know
but I think i’ve told you all you need to know
you’ll see me if you scroll
not all of it is true
but here’s one clue for you
some of it is

i’m not trying to make it some mystery
if you read it you’ll piece out my history
if you go by the dates at the bottom
and not in the order i’ve got ’em

besides there’s plenty of people who know me
some people i’d even call homie
but lately
and for reasons medically induced
some pieces are getting too loose
so now  the more i see of my profile
the more i need keeping it low-style

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning

14 thoughts on “About kStan(ly)

  1. Hey!!!! I deleted your comment on my Hamilton article by accident but YAAAS I am Hamiltrash all the way. I didn’t get the physical mixtape, but I stayed up waiting whenever they were dropping the tracks.


  2. So lovely to meet you…you are speaking my language…I love the twisty, bendy properties that language allows for…inside out, upside down and round-about thinking is my favourite means of creative writing/expressing myself and connecting/contributing to the good in the world.


  3. We share many mutual inspirations (inspirers?). It’s been a while since I’ve written that style for anyone other than my kids, but it’s sure to pop up on my site sooner or later. Thanks for reminding me we can do that here …says the guy covered in Shel Silverstein & Roald Dahl tattoos.


    1. always happy to meet a fellow rhyme/nonsense fan! just wondering how those silverstein tattoos look… my daughter has one from the little prince on her shoulder.

      we can do anything here. i’m just loving wordpress.


    1. i’m up for anything. I didn’t see a contact place on your site, so could you please send me your plan/idea/project through my contact page? Then when we’re both happy with the final result we can post simultaneously. This could be fun, start an artists collective, put out duets, or duelling-ettes… i was working on a verse about that yesterday… hmmm… I’m so happy you responded!!


  4. I’ve nominated you for the quotes challenge, because I think your blog is stunning ! If you would be happy to take part please see the latest post on my blog. Thanks:)❤


    1. well that is very kind. i am truly honored. i’m afraid i don’t have the time for anything but rhyme right now, seriously, rhyme not intended. this looks like a whole lot of work, and i already have a whole lot of work. plus i have to stay true to the verse and graphics aspects of kStanlykSays. but thank you so much.

      i do hope you win it. that quote- virginia woolfe – su-frickin;-perb. couldn’t see where to post that comment…

      you don’t give any indication of what the payoff is, what’s the reward for all your hard work?


  5. “Let me know if there’s more you want to know.”

    Are you male or female? Are you old or young?
    Can you belt rockabilly lyrics using just one lung?
    Were you once a Seusshef or a Miln-er instead?
    Would you rather dress, that is, a salad or a head?
    In short, it is not clear at all what you are or do.
    We may have to get Horton to listen for just who
    you may be underneath all of your entertaining rhyme.
    You asked what else we want to know, and so I took the time.
    Your turn to give us just a hint of who else you may be.
    At the very least, my friend, are you a she or he????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ha. you always do amuse. and i’m honored you did this for me!

      sorry for the mystery, i’m otherwise pretty private. this site is just about the verses, but there are tons of clues in them. these are some of the (mostly) true stories hiding among the nonsense that should tell you who i am:

      boys let go
      fast car
      luckier than
      two for the clock watchers

      and how old:
      edge of extinction

      and where i live:
      closer to the ground


      Liked by 2 people

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