magnified magnificence

you picture takers
photo kings
who share with us
who give us wings
who brave the world
to play with light
i’ve become
your acolyte
i follow you
around outdoors
to black and whitebreathtaking
or tinted shores
to painted skies,
raw innocence,
to mountain peaks
or to uniquely
from the safety
of my nest
i’m inspired
i’m impressed
you take away
my very breath
youse is
my muses
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by bessi, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – muse

21 thoughts on “magnified magnificence

        1. I don’t think you have a reblog button on your page, but if you don’t mind, I’ll print a little bit of your poem with a recommendation other people go to your blog to read the rest, along with a link to make it easy. That way you’ll get the views… Let me know. J


            1. You should. You got two new followers from my reblog. If you install the button it will make it easier for others to reblog you and thy fame shall spread!!! (Or perhaps it is there and I just need to be educated about where it is. Lately I look directly at things and miss them.)


              1. ok, i found it and added it. i may delete it if i don’t like how it appears on other people’s blogs.. but i should get notified whenever it’s reblogged, right? Thanks for your guidance in all of this!


              2. Yes.. and it should always direct them back to your blog to see the entire poem. It will just duplicate a big enough bit of it to give them a taste for the rest!!


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