at the other end

i have to be alone
she said
he turned to go
he didn’t though
he only stared ahead
don’t hesitate to call
he said
if you should be in need
of someone to squash spiders
or stomp on centipedes
don’t stop your hand
if you should reach
to phone to find a friend
i’ll be always waiting
at the other end

©  2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by tookapic, courtesy
 created for the Daily prompt – hesitate

you know what you’ve got

you know what you’ve got
i can tell by the way
that you use it
i stay up late and
cogitate it, babe,
you know how much
i’d hate to see you bruise it

you’ve got the moves
like a cat in control
of a mouse in his hole
you are the news
my heart is dancing in my shoes
i can’t refuse you
don’t want to lose you….

lady, maybe stay, be
my forever baby….
lady, maybe stay, be
my forever baby….
you’ve got a lot of nerve the way
you play with all that curvature….
you’ve gotta stop that shakin’
‘cuz you’re breakin’ all my furniture…
you know what you’ve got
i want what you’ve got…

© 1991 & 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture courtesy
original lyric created for one of my nightclub acts, “Sybil, the Musical
Daily prompt – baby

pacing like a soldier

he senses she’s in danger
but she is danger too
and so he sets to guarding
from a distance
he thought he was
a stronger man
a smarter man
but this girl can
strip from him
all semblance
of resistance
he’s pacing like a soldier
a detective on a stakeout
he’s pacing with his starbucks
and his cigarette just lit
he’ll stop smoking
get a haircut
drink less caffeine
but she’s the only thing
that he can’t quit

© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by unsplash, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – filter

eager to succumb

companion piece to web slinger

the sultry, savvy spider sets
her own successful traps
sticky, strong, she strings along
some unsuspecting saps

so it was with her and him,
she the spider, on a whim,
released the pest he had become,
though he was eager to succumb




© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by jordan holiday, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – successful

why was she inviting him

the day the invitation came
he threw it in the trash
on second thought
he pulled it out
he shouldn’t be so rash
he put it on the fridge
held on with alphabetic magnets
message-1263977_960_720.pngand wondered how she
had moved on
while he had stayed so stagnant
and why was she inviting him
it seemed a little cruel
they just broke up a week ago
she played him for a fool
he stood a while examining
the envelope, the script
the postmark from so far away
he bit his lower lip
and opened up the envelope
there now, not as upsetting,
this invitation to attend
his little sister’s wedding



© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by tymon oziemblewski , courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – invitation

this is how the planet ends

this is how the planet ends
uneven and off-kilter
bombs have knocked
it off its axis
clouds no longer filter
all that’s left is me and you
and four horses with riders
who salvage what they want
from all the wreckage
and the fires
no zombie-fied apocalypse
no alien invasion
global self-destruction
brings a steady certain death
and we on this occasion
share a kiss with our last breath



© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by bycfotografem, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – uneven

just as much


she held the baby tightly
the boys were tucked in bed
the baby didn’t seem to hear
a single word she said
she said
your daddy’s coming home my sweet
he won’t be gone for long
he didn’t mean those ugly things
he knows that he was wrong
he needs a breath of fresh air now
and time to think it through
and yes, your daddy loves me,
i’m sure your daddy loves me,
believe your daddy loves me
as much as he loves you.

she held her mother tightly
the boys were in the yard
she tried to keep from crying
but by now it wasn’t hard
eleven years of no return
her mother had hung on
a hope had kept her barely there
but now that hope was gone
she said
my daddy won’t be home again
he has another life
he has another family
he has a wealthy wife
he never meant to come back here
but you just never knew
and yes, my daddy loves me,
i’m sure my daddy loves me,
believe my daddy loves me
as much as he loves you

© 2008 & 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by froot, courtesy
daily prompt – gone
napping with the Daily prompt – baby, while I work on something new

hopeful ≠ helpful

everyday he waits outside

hopeful that she’ll see him
a passing glance
that could by chance
and thereby free him
he waits at lunch
he waits at five
she smiled once
he came alive

swagger-1565642_960_720she is all he cares about
her eyes her smile her hair
he’s become her prisoner
and she is unaware
and what would come of meeting her
of saying something clever
could he be her future,
could they make it last forever?
he starts to lose his courage
his mind turns to machinery
here she comes
and there he goes
he fades into the scenery
pity please this lonely guy
who lives on hope
while life goes by

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by tndstudioz, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – hopeful

the hamster

the bad thing
about old ways
they creep back in
if you don’t look out
a folly forgotten
a small dose of friction
rekindles addiction
old ways are stains
on the soul
the habit-trail
of human hamsterness
back on the wheel
running in circles
i thought i quit you
that was it with you
and here you are
concealing the scars
do i give a guy a break?
do i make the same mistake?
do i fall?
do i fail?
do i bail?


© 2014 & 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by ricky kharawala, courtesy
Daily prompt – folly

contented, we sighed

why is it i
keep missing the bus
i’m sitting here waiting
i’m thinking of us
entwined and entangled
contented, we sighed
i’m thinking of you
and the bus goes right by
how is it i
kept missing the clues
the hints you were dropping
the visual cues
detached and distracted
the growing divide
i’m thinking of you
and i can’t help but cry
and there goes another bus
passing me by




© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by skitterphoto, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – missing