a kangaroo won the lottery

a kangaroo won the lottery,
the family was joyous
she paid off debts, which were mostly vets,
and decided to go on a voyage
she packed up the kid and sealed up her pouch
left the spouse asleep on the old filthy couch
a kangaroo was excited to see
a ship so grand at the pier
and eager to prove she was now on the move
and addressing her sea-going fears
she hopped on board,
got her luggage all stored,
went out to see the horizon
and see it she did, both her and her kid
and they both thought it mainly surprisin’
they skipped along, exploring the ship,
but the deck was wet
and down she slipped
the captain came by, a very sweet man
gave her joey a smile,
gave his momma a hand
“it’s just the rocking,” she said, “I can’t stand”
“but we haven’t started to rock yet”
she felt it, she swore,
but he told her once more
they hadn’t left the dock yet
so back in the pouch with the little guy
in one big leap they’re over the side
she’ll get no refund but she doesn’t care
she’s decided to travel by air.
kangaroo jesus
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by shouplade, courtesy pixabay.com
this verse came about because of the Daily prompt – voyage
and it’s playing with the Daily prompt – filthy – while i work on something new

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