Crazy Quilty Silly Space Sculpture Garden

i am turning my backyard into a Crazy Quilt Silly Space Sculpture Garden.  It’s good for my sanity, even though my boy might think it shows exactly how crazy i am. i like it. it keeps me thinkin’.  keeps me busy.  i use recycled items like old toys, plastic bottle caps, broken jewelry and skateboards, and other strange found or bought stuff.  you’ll see. if you scroll.  it’s designed to be a never-ending work-in-progress, so it’s meeting its design scheme already. and it’s teaching me a thing or two about weeds. persistent little tyrants.

My backyard has been kid-tested and approved! These photos are courtesy of my niece, Rebecca Vickery, as are the kids in them! (Just added my Woo’s pictures at the end of the ‘Becca batch).

backyard garden; heron statue hiding in the green
Heron in the garden
backyard garden; ibis statue hiding in the green
Hiding Ibis
Parrot statute in the garden greenery
Parrot in the garden
backyard garden; seashells; tulips
tulips & seashells
backyard garden; fish; gravel; rocks; path; aquarium
fish tank
Little Juliet plays with the fairy house
meet Juliet
children playing in interactive garden
kid tested and approved
medical terrariums
find the plastic knives and medicine bottle terrariums…
recycled pomegranate juice bottles ; painted; backyard garden art
pom trees! get it?
backyard art; garden; squirrel statue
that damn squirrel!
wrestling action figures; backyard; garden
cage match pt 1 – the blast
wrestling action figures; backyard; garden
cage match pt 2
statue of squirrels carrying away garden gnome
those thieving squirrels!
backyard garden art; noah's ark; bridge, paths, mushroom chimes
too many monkeys – or – oh, you said “cubit?” I thought you said “cubic”
small girl playing in backyard garden
Who needs Romeo– when you’ve got fairies & flamingos?

here are the woo’s pictures:

1- war is nuts- toy soldiers and pistachio nut shells…2- all my eggs are not in one basket 3- those mushrooms are wind chimes my woo gave me
bridge over troubled waters
too many monkeys- boarding day
fish tank after ian’s input
more on that cage match, climbing the lamp
joey did the lamp
leave your shoes by the side of the path
guess the games that died for this piece
sleepy sheep
the city is protected by the soldiers of stratego
After invading suburbia Godzilla heads for the city
this is where our best-cat-ever Oz is buried
healthy food option for the opossum’s who live in the shed
the construction crew is on lunch break
dino zone
plant flats make it stackable and storable for winter. see the broken skateboards?
i used to call this “at the public pool” — after seeing how dirty these ducks get from the weather, it’s now called “dirty fowl-mouthed ducks”…
…or, “the wreck of the exxon valdez”. seriosuly, i had to wash the ducks by hand with a brush to get the weather dirt off them.
a fairy’s-eye-view
there’s a wolverine in there among the other statuary
you can see him better from here, he’s under the glow sticks
here’s more on those flamingoes
in their flamingo pond
beach day… see the green lining at the back edge? those are caps from the “Simply” juice bottles…see the hippo? there are 5 birds in this picture, and empty moisturizer jars for stepping stones

15 thoughts on “Crazy Quilty Silly Space Sculpture Garden

  1. I have come back to these pics of your garden 3 times. Love the Pom trees and fish tank! The entire creation makes me smile.


  2. This is so so charming. Kids must love it. (Kids of all ages. I must share this but see no way to reblog so will share your URL with friends on in a Facebook art group called La Manz Studio Peek. I love the squirrels making off with the garden gnome as hostage. Looking forward to seeing the fate of all those GI Joes or whatever the muscular guys are. I paved one section of my back yard next to my walk with seashells, but my newest dog thinks they are either his bones or his toys and my gardener doesn’t enjoy hitting them with the lawnmower, so may have to embed them in concrete. I look forward to seeing more of the future of your fantasy garden.


    1. i was just so happy to share it with real kids, the 4 of them headed off in different directions & found all my ways and new ways to play with it all. my two are the only other kids to have seen it and they are, sadly, no longer kids. the muscular guys are my son’s old wrestling action figures. they’re watching the “cage” match and it apparently got a little rowdy.

      It does make leaf vaccuumming a challenge. and i get a lot of leaves.


      1. Leaf blower? Too strong?? At least for some plastic elements. Saran wrap? Really wide saran wrap? Hmm. Snow and rain a problem. I guess you need to roof over it. What we suffer for our art. It is really really cool, though. My friend Jan will LOVE it. Why don’t you join La Manz Studio Peek in Facebook so you can see her work? You two have something in common.


        1. i put most of it away before it snows. that’s why a lot of it is in those plant trays, easily moveable & stackable.

          you might be shocked by this, but i don’t/won’t have a facebook account. i don’t carry a smart phone either. guess i’m weird that way. but i’m thrilled you posted the link.


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