waiting for the Christmas snow…

on Christmas eve, as in the past,
4 sisters with eyes of glass
watched through windows laced with frost,
excited giggles, fingers crossed
they held their breath, their hopes sincere
maybe there’ll be snow this year

the next year brought a Christmas trip
the youngest sister bit her lip
and didn’t think they ought to go,
as this year they had promised snow
but they returned when New Year’s Day
had melted all the snow away.

the next years brought the wedding veil,
the oldest sister set to sail,
the 2nd sister moved away,
the 3rd sister refused to stay.
and so the youngest, all alone,
a little sad, a little grown,
watched the sun in summer’s glow
and then on Christmas, watched the snow.
© 1978 & 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by jill111, courtesy pixabay.com
recreated for the Daily prompt – year

the long long year ahead

on christmas day
we get up when
the youngest one
says please
we open giftschristmas-presents-595850__340
they beat their games
and watch their dvds
next day they file
away their gifts
according to what sort
they’re organized,
for kids of mine,
it’s like a second sport
next day hence
they mope about
they don’t know
why they’re living
and this goes on
for many days
’til round about
when once again
excitement makes
them both come back awake
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by melissa reese etheridge, courtesy pixabay.com
created for the Daily prompt – mope

my ho-hum friend

empty-office-hallway-95771_960_720what new wonders
to discover
what old news
i never read
it’s the eve
of the eve
with time
up my sleeve
this place is nearly dead
everyone took off today
except for me and old ennui
so i’m not all alone…
we’ll play pretend,
my ho-hum friend,
i’ll stay with you til three
but then you’re on your own
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by stephen bayer, courtesy pixabay.com
created for the Daily prompt – discover

an eclectic, maddening display

the neighbor’s yard is an eclectic,
maddening display
his christmas lights, winking,
blink an intricate array
carols fill the winter air
piped in for baby jesus
wooden soldiers bang their drums
and bells chime with the breezes
nativities and snowmen sit
with santa and his sleigh
there’s every kind of animal

predator and prey
an endless stream of visitors
have taken up our parking
and set the pups who live nearby
constantly to barking
we hope this guy’s electric bill
won’t fiscally undo him
but as for christmas spirit
we say more power to him


© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture courtesy commons.wikimedia.org
Daily prompt – maddening

new year’s resolution

a conundrum of sorts has arisen
a question of whether or no
a quandary that’s taunting me
to go or not to go
in here it’s warm and cozy
out there it’s cold and severe
in here it’s calm but lonely
out there, free bubbles and beer
and people i might like may be there
and some that i’m sure that i won’t
and poor transportation
so lots of frustration
so most of me’s telling me don’t
though it’s nice to be asked
to spend time with the castchampagne
out there it is cold
did i tell you i’m old,
at least older than
when this was thrilling?
i’m weighing the pros
but there’s so few of those
so on new year’s i guess
i’ll be chilling.


© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by dariusz sankowski, courtesy pixabay.com
created for the Daily prompt – conundrum

from the west coast to the east

chaotic scenes unfolding
from the west coast to the east
americans get ready for
today’s thanksgiving feast
who forgot that one detail
who is working in retail
who can’t find
a ribbon for their hair
who is overcooking pies
who ran out of what supplies
who is lost on some
side street somewhere
who mixed up their longitude
confused it with their latitude
the chaos doesn’t matter
today we all get fatter
the only thing that matters
is the gratitude


© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by meditations, courtesy pixabay.com
created for the Daily Prompt – chaotic

the pickle-footed tickle

the pickle-footed tickle lived
beneath the castle keep
with other beings mythical
below the darkest deep

he crept upstairs at sunrisefig-1152054_960_720
too small for them to see
and hid himself behind
the bookcase in the nursery
peals of joyous mischief rang
when nanny left the suite
the pickle-footed tickle
tickled tiny little feet
the pickle-footed tickle
got the blame for lots of things
like leaving toys all strewn about
and leaving bathtub rings
and when the pie got eaten
they said he took the first bite
but he never got the credit for
how well they slept at night
he left on boxing day when all
they gave him was a nickel
and that’s the last we heard about
the pickle-footed tickle

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by susannp4, courtesy pixabay.com
Daily prompt – mythical

he should have been in school

today is monday, halloween-costume
it’s 9 a.m.and
i’ve just seen
an eerie scary
creepy ghoul…
he should have
been in school.
he made demands
i didn’t meet
i didn’t have a
trick or treat
cuz every other
year before
no one came
up to my door…
no matter how elaborate
my decorations grew
they never crossed
the street to me
it was as if
they knew
what this young
man did not surmise…
i’ll serve him later
with french fries
and pumpkin soup i’m making
after he’s done baking

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture courtesy bing.com/images
created for the Daily prompt – eerie