dapper dan

daniel lives a patterned life
pin stripes and polka dots
oxfords with a matching belt
a fancy windsor knot
a pocket square
a walking cane
topped off with a fedora
a band of leather
a peacock feather
completes his classy aura

somebody should tell him that

he’s looking sharp today
but, dazzled by dan’s dappery,
they’ve fainted dead away

fedora cat.jpeg


© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture courtesy bing.com/images
created for the Daily prompt – pattern


apathy don’t give a damnapathy
who i was or what i am
it don’t care what
i want to be
it hasn’t even
heard of me
apathy don’t really know
how to let its feelings show
how to summon energy
or move with more
than lethargy
apathy can’t love or hate
it don’t care if it makes you wait
apathy is not a who
and yet it makes me think of you

©  1978 & 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning

picture courtesy pexels.com
Daily prompt – heard

sometimes we can

he used to be a hero
the atlas of his crew
when everybody moved away
the burden of it grew
life got overwhelmingnature-243483_960_720
he climbed inside his shell
to passing by observers he
pretended all was well
but nothing got accomplished
nothing was resolved
and in this way
his problems all devolved
his house fell down around him
plank by weary plank
he lost his job and lost his car
he stared at nothing, blank
a new girl bought
the house next door
she came to bring him pie
and seeing him in need of aid
she helped him simplify
between the two a friendship grew
that lasted to the end
sometimes we can, alone we can
sometimes we need a friend


©  2017 kStan(ly) Lanning

picture by antranias, courtesy pixabay.com
created for the Daily prompt – overwhelming

the man in the purple suit

check out the shimmy on jimmy
look at what’s shakin’ on jake
going by him he
lives in the gym he’s
got moves though that
make the earth quake!

the man in the purple can movepurple-suit
somethin’ to say or to prove
the man in the purple suit rocks
even got lavender socks!

pink spandex pants on petunia
clinging like flies to old fruit
she wobbles and rolls
doesn’t know she’s got holes
the ‘tude says she thinks it looks cute.

these two fashion potentates are stand out
an eye-popping, mind boggling pair
but neither will catch
this aesthetical match
or notice the other one’s there!

© 1998 & 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by pitchy-pupp3t.deviantart.com, courtesy bing.com/images
inspired by 2 real people getting off the ferry one day
Daily prompt – aesthetic
Daily prompt – purple

an eclectic, maddening display

the neighbor’s yard is an eclectic,
maddening display
his christmas lights, winking,
blink an intricate array
carols fill the winter air
piped in for baby jesus
wooden soldiers bang their drums
and bells chime with the breezes
nativities and snowmen sit
with santa and his sleigh
there’s every kind of animal

predator and prey
an endless stream of visitors
have taken up our parking
and set the pups who live nearby
constantly to barking
we hope this guy’s electric bill
won’t fiscally undo him
but as for christmas spirit
we say more power to him


© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture courtesy commons.wikimedia.org
Daily prompt – maddening

stale and stinky roses

her perfume packs
a pungent punch
we were just coming spray-1514264__340
back from lunch

but we can
even taste it

this girl has gone
full throttle
must have used the
whole damn bottle
it smells like someone
smothered her in
stale and stinky roses

so we’re switching elevators

halfway through the ride
and going back outside
to try to get her scent
to leave our noses
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by 955169 courtesy pixabay.com
created for the Daily Prompt – pungent
Daily prompt – scent, because, well…

does it count?

she has the best of everything
all the bells and tweets
silks and satins,
gold embossed,
imported turkish treats
she dresses up
to dine alone
a refugee retired
to somewhere safe
and non-abusive
surrounds herself
with no one
in an empty neighborhood
she cloaks herself in shadows
and goes walking in the woods
and like the tree that falls freely
with no one to decree it
does it count as ostentatious
if there’s no one there to see it?
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by werner22brigitte, courtesy pixabay.com
created for the Daily prompt – ostentatious

padding optional

all of a sudden it seems
a storm of animosity
is boiling up in mepadded cell.png
like i’m coming apart at the seams
or a rope or vine is uncoiling in me
and i’m just about to snap
just about to haul off & slap
this total stranger
for her rudeness
just about to burst
to rant or scream or curse
or tantrum my way
into a small cell
with or without
the padding

© 2002 & 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
Daily prompt – or

he’ll have to fix this soon

he starts at 9
he’s there, on time,
he gets a little work done
office-691508_960_720but then he takes
a coffee break
his boss finds
fully irksome
his break takes
40 minutes
then he hangs at
connie’s desk
to talk about
his weekend
which was always
he kills his mornings
every day
in pretty much
the selfsame way
just like his
no one wants to
tell him that
he’ll have to
fix this soon
he’s in a rut
of his own
and his boss
is losing


© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by unsplash, courtesy pixabay.com
created for the Daily prompt – irksome

subtle like a hammer

aunt minnie was tactless
she was subtle
like a hammer
especially with aunt marie
she’d slam her
we had a family meeting
when our granny
passed away
to vote on what to do about
upcoming holidays
aunt marie said
i’ll do christmas
minnie grunted rudely
oh, how great,
i just can’t wait,
what’s christmas like
done crudely?
she said marie’s
house was too small
to even host a grudge in
that was minnnie
sweet as pie and
subtle like a bludgeon
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by public domain pictures, courtesy pixabay.com
created for the not-quite-working daily prompt – bludgeon