ode to the underwood 310


millions of feelings
have passed through this ribbon
millions of words
made this typewriter blush
a whole lot of stories
were written by these keys
a whole lot of  homeworks
typed up in a rush
and still it was faithful,
it worked every day
the only trouble
it gave me was “j”
oh, to the underwood
three hundred & ten
you were far more useful
than illiterate men


© 1977 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by oztypewriter.blogspot.com
Daily prompt – millions

the word is unpredictable, part 2

the word is unpredictable, part 1

there is no word today!
the girl is going mad!
bring the word page back oh please
or things may turn out bad
the day will take a downhill slope
she’ll have no will
she’ll have no hope
she’ll have no reason to survive
the word was keeping her alive
it was her air
it was her food
it helped with her
creative mood
oh wait, what’s this
i have a verse to post
it doesn’t need a word prompt
it needs polishing at most
and a picture as its consort
it needs a title too
and so until they fix the page
this little verse will do.
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by chezbeate, courtesy pixabay.com
Daily Prompt – none!
Daily Prompt – they fixed it!

the word is unpredictable

i never know
from day to day
Bohol_Tarsierwhat word
will prompt
a girl to say
a new thing
in a newer way
but i enjoy
the challenge
it may seem odd
to some of you
but some of you
may feel it too:
it helps maintain
my balance
well actually
and all along
we’ve known
the word
i doubt we’re wrong
the feeling’s inexplicable
one can’t be sure
but one could guess
if one were under
some duress
the word is

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture from commons.wikimedia.org, courtesy bing.com/images
this verse is here thanks to the Daily prompt – unpredictable

a st0rm 0f w0rds

storm of birds

when i write
a storm of words
amasses in my head
it’s hard to filter through them
it’s hard to find the thread
they bounce about like heavy hail
they soak like drenching rain
and passers by may wonder why
i haven’t got a brain
i do, oh,
i do though

its just behind
these clouds
and i can’t focus
ooh, pretty crocus…
did i say that out loud?

i laser in on weathering
and weather strips for later
i guess things would be worse
if i lived nearer the equator
(more storms i mean and
hurricanes and who knows
what else then)
i’m putting on my slicker
and i’m going in again
all i need is one full verse
that satisfies the urge
i’m nearly there i’m losing hair
i’m almost on the verge
that’s when i hear
a horrid howl
the wind takes 0ut
a fav0rite v0wel
and in my fright and
dark 0f night
i stub my little t0e
but i can’t say an0ther thing
that has the letter “0 “
0h wait, 0h h0, I’ll use zer0
zer0, zer0, y0u’re my her0
but really, st0rm,
have y0u n0 c0nscience?
i c0uld have made it
with less c0ns0nants

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
created for the Daily prompt – storm
Daily prompt – filter
picture of a storm of birds (because one can’t catch a storm
   of words) by Alessandro Pellacini Benassi, courtesy unsplash.com

we posters post for posterity

we posters are a unique crew
wide and varied are our views
respectful, mostly, to each other
you’re my new sisters and brothers
we post for
the challengewriter

the challenges too
it’s pretty exciting
to get
to know you
sharing our goals
our art
and opinions
baring our souls
and our writing
we’re a whole
world united
in our right to

just venting, just words
we need likes, we need comments,
we have that in common,
and we need to be read or

 we need to be heard
and, at least it’s true for me,
we posters post for posterity
a desire to have our names live on
after our fortunes are gone

wee posters are some other guys
too small to see with the naked eye
they post from tiny laptops
to an alter-internet
but for now that’s all i’ll say..
…that’s another post for another day…
so today that’s all you’ll get.


© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by lucigood, courtesy pixabay.com
Discover Weekly Challenge– For Posterity
Daily prompt -fortune


having empty space to fill

empty space
how coud i
forget the thrill
of having empty
space to fill
with words that
and unbidden
you know?
there’s a lot of
thrills i’ve forgotten
details of life
that i’ve lost
but at least
i have two,
AK & the Woo
to remember
for me
all the things
we go through
maybe the space
that this clears
in my head
can be used to exhume
these old beats
from the dead
maybe the room that this
clears in my brain
will be a room
i can live in again.
© 2002 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by Kaz, courtesy pixabay.com
an answer to the Daily prompt – empty

gems and germs

rubyit may not
all be good
it doesn’t have to
all make sense
if there’s going to be
a ruby in the mud
there must be mud around
the groundwork as it were
the practice before the perfect
the cloud to be lined-in-silver
the empty cup
to fill it up
keep it going
never give up

write write write all night
let it come out

sometimes it’s gems
sometimes it’s germs
sometimes nothing to write home about
but it always is something
which is better than nothing
which is words in a new conflagration if you
do not accept static
or hackneyed
or trite
and always aspire to
say it a new way
to put down a thought
to write
not like demeaning
but getting the meaning
not like degrading
but going for shading.
© 2011 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by Fathromi Ramdlon, courtesy pixabay.com
an answer to the Daily prompt – empty

my blank white clean white space

blank white page in a spiral notebook

nothing like the blank white
clean white
space on the page
the possibilities are eternal
as long as the space
on the page is clean
it can mean whatever
I want it to mean
like a get-to-be-lived life
a yet-to-be-read book
a feast not devoured
a virgin still flowered
a light bulb unpowered
an oilfield untapped
oh crap.
while i’m sitting here
babbling on
my blank white clean white
space is gone


©2002 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by jschofield courtesy pixabay.com

Daily Prompt – blank

he handles his pen with aplomb

the poet had nothing,
nothing but words,
in a well-spoken cursive, delightful.
his words hit on themes
sometimes too obscene,
sometimes too intensely insightful.

he had no other talents
to give him that balance
of steady and bankable income
because most of the time
he was speaking in rhyme,
but isn’t that poetry’s symptom?

with no will to liveflourish
and too little to give
he left home with a weight on his shoulders
leaving behind
what was left of his mind
and a shelf full of tiny tin soldiers.

his sisters spent years
with some kind volunteers
his momma just wanted him near her…
or someone named Keith,
with her losing her teeth
it was getting much harder to hear her.

his rescuers claimed that
his hands were inflamed
when they found him downtown in the Bowery.
they went out on a limb
and confirmed it was him
when his sentences tended to flowery.

“he may be malnourished
but he writes with a flourish
he handles his pen with aplomb”
so they cleaned up his wounds,
brought him back to his room,
where he penned one last poem for his mom.

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning

created for the Daily prompt – flourish
but playing in the Daily prompt – volunteer – while i work on something new
and because i love it so much, Daily prompt – clean


can’t dance
since my hip got sprained
can’t operate,
i was never trained
can’t marathon,
asthma inhibits
can’t stop rhyming,
as this exhibits.
the rhymes were the reason
i was without reason
i could babble for hours and days
i tried not to notice
(most people don’t know this)
how hungry i was for some praise.
when i was in high school i carried a box
with my poems all numbered and sorted
i had a small crew i could show my work to
and always be promptly rewarded.
now that i’ve lived
a whole lot of life
i’m looking at what i’ll be leaving —
the legacy
to my kids from me
may not be financially freeing.
they’ll inherit my verse,
hey things could be worse,
but my two are my raisons d’être.
as for the the poems and etcetera,pelican
if i don’t have
a way to get the art out,
creative me may cease to be
and i will cry my heart out.
i’ve always had, up to this day,
to say things in a different way,
to work art in to every job
to be the one uncommon slob
to stand somewhat apart,
those are my raisons d’art.

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
re-posted with the Daily prompt – marathon, until something new runs in