brain freeze

today the words
won’t percolateautumn-1804592_960_720
the blood to brain
won’t circulate
i’m going to
and hang out with
the sun today
the clouds the leaves
the passing breeze
may blow my blues away
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by tpsdave, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – percolate

holy writer’s block, batman

the pastor paced the sacristy
practicing his sermon,
it centered on the concept of
if life was predetermined
if fate was inescapable
if faith was somehow capable
of altering a destiny
if prayers and praise
and sacred days
improve life consequentially….
he hadn’t worked the ending out
it needed final touches
like words and thoughts,
he thought he ought
to give it just as much as
the beginning,
but this one wasn’t winning,
this time he’d met his match.
he scrapped the whole idea
and then began again from scratch
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by trudi90, courtesy
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