seeing stars

this verse was composed for the weekly photo challenge, and here’s that photo:

stars in groups of 3

i am a plumber,
in case you don’t know,
it’s a delicate job and a drain
it helps to be quizzical
it tends to get physical
dark basements
were causing eye strain


got a prescription
to improve my poor vision
they called when my glasses were ready,
sent my apprentice
a young guy named dennis
cuz i was too smelly & sweaty


was it a contusion
impacting my brain?
an optic illusion?
i’m confused, or insane
now everywhere i looked
i’d see
stars, in groups of three
whether it was daylight
or really really late
whether i was home alone
or going on a date
never four stars, never two,
always groups of 3
it got in the way
of completing my day
it was disconcerting to me


went to see my doctor
he had no advice
went to see a gypsy but
she wasn’t very nice
went home to have
a cuppa joe
and rest my head and
whadda ya know
come to learn
that prankster dennis
had taped this picture
inside my lenses
now i’m not seeing very far,
but at least i’m not
still seeing stars


©2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
it also fits the Daily Prompt – confused