waiting for the Christmas snow…

on Christmas eve, as in the past,
4 sisters with eyes of glass
watched through windows laced with frost,
excited giggles, fingers crossed
they held their breath, their hopes sincere
maybe there’ll be snow this year

the next year brought a Christmas trip
the youngest sister bit her lip
and didn’t think they ought to go,
as this year they had promised snow
but they returned when New Year’s Day
had melted all the snow away.

the next years brought the wedding veil,
the oldest sister set to sail,
the 2nd sister moved away,
the 3rd sister refused to stay.
and so the youngest, all alone,
a little sad, a little grown,
watched the sun in summer’s glow
and then on Christmas, watched the snow.
© 1978 & 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by jill111, courtesy pixabay.com
recreated for the Daily prompt – year



mo’s the oldest, loudest voice
when we played games,
she got first choice.
j & i got second best,
eirdre got to do the rest.

mo played princess,
high & royal
e played subjects,
loving, loyal.
eirdre played, somewhat defiant,
ogre, monster, beast & giant.

 j & i played dukes & knights,
saving ladies in sword fights,
we beat till death the enemy
(which bruised and
battered sister de)
with sleep the reward
for our toil.
mo played princess,
high & royal.


© 1975 & 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by stain-marylight, courtesy pixabay.com
Daily prompt – giant

we were once pangaea

we were once pangaea,
a continent connected,
but lately laws of gravity
have left us unprotected.
disputes propelled us
kinetics moved us
out to sea,
we are metaphysically
strangers, unexpectedly.
like islands floating
fast away
solidifying distance,
we just can’t seem
to come to terms
with peaceful coexistence.
our conversation’s
shallow now,
our smiles
are artificial,
we choose our sides,
we shield our pride,
our friendship’s
as we drift further
from the core
of what this family
was before.
©2015 kStan(ly) Lanning
Daily Prompt – connected
picture by marinebio.net courtesy bing images.com
hanging with the Daily prompt – artificial – until something newer arrives

Jessica’s Future Plans

Jessica wants to be a nun
i doubt that she’ll have any fun
wearing dresses every day
behaving in a saintly way
speaking softly, singing songs…
…i doubt she’ll be a nun for long.

Jessica wants to rob a bank
with a high-powered rifle & an army tank
then take her friends with her on a cruise
and buy them tuxedos & dresses & shoes
she said it at dinner & no one protested…
…i just hope that she doesn’t go get arrested.

Jessica wants to own a castle
with velvety blankets, silk curtains with tassels,
with a dragon, a drawbridge, a moat & a frog,
somewhere near Spain in a mystical fog.
Jessica dreams up these things quite a lot.
Moms thinks she’s a genius…
…i’m thinking she’s not.


picture by kingtiger.deviantart.com, courtesy Google Images

© 1976 kStan(ly) Lanning

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