rhonda did a rhumba

rhonda did a rhumba
it was rhythmic
it was raw
impressive for a rhino
who had not rhumba-ed before
she crushed the rhododendrons
she destroyed the rhubarb too
but rhonda’s rheumatism
was relieved, so that was new
rhonda in her rhinestones
is reflected in the lake
her rump’s creating ripples
making her pal rhea quake
rhonda’s been rhapsodic
and her rhetoric’s turned nasty
she’s been feeling randy
since she had her rhinoplasty


© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by ben kerckx, courtesy pixabay.com
created for the Daily prompt – rhythmic

the word is unpredictable, part 2

the word is unpredictable, part 1

there is no word today!
the girl is going mad!
bring the word page back oh please
or things may turn out bad
the day will take a downhill slope
she’ll have no will
she’ll have no hope
she’ll have no reason to survive
the word was keeping her alive
it was her air
it was her food
it helped with her
creative mood
oh wait, what’s this
i have a verse to post
it doesn’t need a word prompt
it needs polishing at most
and a picture as its consort
it needs a title too
and so until they fix the page
this little verse will do.
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by chezbeate, courtesy pixabay.com
Daily Prompt – none!
Daily Prompt – they fixed it!

motherly advice on mixed marriages

i have no appetite, she said
so what’s with all the food
i thought you might be tempted
it might get you in the mood
but no she said this is a feast
you haven’t heard me in the least
i have no urge to eat
you misinterpret
my design
or fail to see
this plan of mine
i will do the eating
if that don’t turn you on
then you can give my
tush a beating
you’re sick she said
sick in the head
but you’re sick too
he answered
that’s what you’ll get
if you should let
your epicure
marry your dancer
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by cocoparisienne, courtesy pixabay.com
this verse wasn’t here before the Daily prompt – feast
and it joins the buffet line at the Daily prompt – tempted, while i work on something new
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having nothing to do with pink

pink is ugly
if you don’t wear it right
i haven’t slept for days & days
i only sleep at night
kids are really stubborn
when they put up a fight
but mosquitoes tend to come around
if you don’t turn out the light.

no, i don’t like bugs much
i doubt i ever did
so if you have a box of bugs,
please keep on the lid.

i am not illiterate
though i can’t read or write
it’s not the darkness scaring me
it’s just that there’s no light
i wouldn’t send a dog out
on such a gruesome night
but spiders are quite dangerous,
at least the ones who bite.

you know i really hate bugs,
i doubt i’ll ever stop,
so if you have a jar of bugs
please keep on the top.


© 1973 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by imageparty, courtesy pixabay.com
Daily prompt – darkness

them sheep

this verse was composed for the weekly photo challenge, and here’s that photo:

green meadow 159-06-june-5th-2016

i fell asleep
and lost them sheep
them goats have
gone astray
i’ll find them all,
i have to,

but it’s gonna take all day

this meadow is enormous
and there’s not a single fence
i guess i never noticed
that this place was so immense.
except … i hear them giggling
they’re hiding there,
they’re giggling
i prob’ly should have mentioned
i have impish sheep and goats

they’re imbecilic miscreants
they think they’re such a riot
are they ruminating ruminants?
no, they never could keep quiet
not these galoots, no brother,
these guys are strictly tricksters
and they’ve swapped clothes
with each other
in an effort to confuse me,
i think they think they’re cute
them ovines and them bovines is amusing
but they never were excessively astute
them sheep, they’re kids
them goats, they’re ewe
©2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
it also fits the Daily prompt – fence
and wanders into the Daily prompt – gone – while i work on something new
and ponders the Daily prompt – ruminate

“Be a brick”

“Be a brick,” my ma would say
when she wanted something from me,
but a brick, I’d think, does not do much,
it’s kind of just a dummy.
It needs propulsion from an arm
to travel any distance;
it surely never fetches things,
not without assistance.
It surely never fixes drinks photo courtesy Google Images, by fun2video.com
without the needed fingers —
two was the rule for my dear ma,
the memory still lingers

by itself it isn’t violent
by itself it’s mostly silent

by itself it’s barely active
and that’s hard truth,
that’s just a fact of life for bricks…

Of course I get that if in tandem
with other bricks, in some non-random,
mostly matching symmetry,
and if they’re laid out skillfully,
bricks can be a lot of things —
bridges, chimneys, tall buildings —
but she didn’t pluralize,
so why, ma,
why, ma,
why, ma,

thick as a brick, ok that’s thick
slick as a brick, so not so slick
not quick, no tricks,
but solid, yes, and hard as rocks
and something you can build on
and in a pinch, if your butt is small,
something you can chill on
or use to mark a hidden key
or stop a swatch of weeds
and if the wind is blowing things
a brick might suit your needs…

the brick sailed smoothly through the sky,
whither to, I pondered,
and then it hit me in the eye
and now I am a goner…
or anyway I’m halfway blind,
but it’s okay
and I don’t mind
‘cuz I’m among the lucky few
who now know what one brick can do.

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
Daily post – brick
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