no wind blows here

her mind’s become a wasteland
an arid desert town
abandoned by its residents
all that’s left is brown
nothing grows here
no wind blows here
do not ask
‘cuz no one knows here
she can’t think now
she can’t focus
today she got her diagnosis



© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by _marion, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – arid

the ghost in the window

inside her darkened mansion
the music has moved on
the floorboards groan now
when she roams
the empty grand salon
they used to entertain in here
the infamous elite
now she gently brushes
a dusty tapestry
she rings a bell for service
no servant will appear
she forgets
she let them go
when things went south last year
she used to be a VIP,
returned a quick riposte,
she lost her child to tragedy
but she became the ghost
ghost behind the glass-door-861007_960_720
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by jelly ng , courtesy
created for the daily prompt – ghost
and haunting the daily prompt – year – while
i work on something new

the I of the storm

it’s a strange mix
in low tide
of thoughts swimming
alone inside
this darkness
in my mind
is not kind
storm cloudsgray clouds
building mass
blocking windows
holding class
teaching the rest
of the guys
in there
that life
is not fair
hey hey
I don’t concur
life is fine
don’t follow her
she’s on a path
to self-destruct
she’ll get you all hit
by a truck
no luck is had
but luck is made
you have to get past
2nd grade
you have to know the abc’s
before you can start
schooling me
i’ll give you a riddle
don’t be upset:
what is the middle
of the biggest storm yet?
the I of the storm

© 2015 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by radek grzybowski, courtesy
Daily prompt – darkness

keep my fire company


just like me,
keep my fire
calm my nerves,
relieve my fears,
warm my hurt,
dry my tears,
and when
your calm
is mine
to keep,
ease me,
into sleep

© 1974 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by ParagKini, courtesy
originally linked to the Daily prompt – burn
but it must play with the Daily prompt – candle
while i work on a new one
and it insists that the Daily prompt – calm
is it’s middle name

the desperate canvas of nothingness

back into the void
after weeks of
purposeful activity
brought me down
deep down
blank space
can’t face
the concept of
the lack of
we have our happy days
think nothing of the complexities
of the universe or
the desperate canvas
of nothingness

photo by skeeze, courtesy                                              

then we hit the void
why ever we can’t know
but we do hit it
head first
dizzying spins
cartoon exclamation points
and we are left again
it’s all so inane
so futile
would that we were infants
too new to think
these inevitable
why worry
why bother

©2015 kStan(ly) Lanning
Daily Prompt– blank