the importance of being yellow


i know a girl
who didn’t
like yellow
they took it away
and what then?
butterfly-979557_960_720the sun left the sky
and the
butterflies died
and she couldn’t
watch Minions againminion-888824_960_720
bananas and lemons
no longer existed
and so there
was no lemonade
daffodils left
and the daisies
went too
and the gardens
looked saddened
and faded

all the taxis
were gonecity-1265055_960_720
and the moon
had moved on
and the rainbows background-1466088_960_720.png
were mostly
just blue
because yellow
was used

to create
other hues
green and orange
abandoned us too
adorable-15904_960_720the ducks and
the chicks
and giraffes

were all black
so the little animal-156709_960_720.png
girl wept
and at night
while she slept
they brought all
the yellow things back


© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
pictures courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – yellow
inspired by a little girl who lost her love for yellow

pacing like a soldier

he senses she’s in danger
but she is danger too
and so he sets to guarding
from a distance
he thought he was
a stronger man
a smarter man
but this girl can
strip from him
all semblance
of resistance
he’s pacing like a soldier
a detective on a stakeout
he’s pacing with his starbucks
and his cigarette just lit
he’ll stop smoking
get a haircut
drink less caffeine
but she’s the only thing
that he can’t quit

© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by unsplash, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – filter

lonesome languor

the word today
is simple
and yet
it makes
me queasy
i’ve handled many
harder words
i thought
this would
be easy
i wish i had more time
to make a silly rhyme
to put a happy
thought to page
to be a wistful sage
like back when things were rosy
like back when life was cozy
now all collisioncourse1
my thoughts
are deep
a simple
would be
it’s hard to
even care
and what else
could i share
but wizened disrepair
nothing is grabbing me
shaking me out
of my insular

© 2015 & 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by the spectacular and zany siddie bowtie
created for the Daily prompt – simple

opposing views

letticia had an illness
she wanted it to end
she didn’t know its nature
she confided in a friend
the friend said see your doctor
her doc said urgi-care
and urgi-care said e.r. , girl,
go take yourself right there
parades of doctors saw her
ordered up some tests
decided that admitting her

would probably be best
they put her in a corner room
with south and east exposure
they put her in a dressing gown
with missing back enclosures

the thing kept falling off of her
the room did not have blinds
and those of you who know me now
know how this tale unwinds
for though she waited patiently
for what might be bad news
she wished she had more privacy
from those opposing views

© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by unsplash, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – privacy – and yesterday’s Daily prompt – exposure, while i live this true tale out

so entranced

she dangles,
that exquisite girl,
like a diamond
on a locket
as she twirls
us in
her world,
her son steals
from our pockets
our eyes pursue her
up and down
while he sneaks
right and left
and so entranced
with her are we
that we don’t
mind the theft


© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – exquisite

this is how the planet ends

this is how the planet ends
uneven and off-kilter
bombs have knocked
it off its axis
clouds no longer filter
all that’s left is me and you
and four horses with riders
who salvage what they want
from all the wreckage
and the fires
no zombie-fied apocalypse
no alien invasion
global self-destruction
brings a steady certain death
and we on this occasion
share a kiss with our last breath



© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by bycfotografem, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – uneven

the dark spiral

she’s lost her shine of late

not looking good

not feeling great

she’s fallen into darkness
where she’s handcuffed to a soul
who lost the parts that make her real
the parts that make her whole

she’s struggling with her me

not who she once
thought she would be
she’s drowning in depression

where there’s only one reflection
and she can’t bear to look in her direction

© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by tombud, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – shine

just beyond my view

i’ve never witnessed
i fidgeted
got bored
i followed other interests
the idea was ignored
i may have inadvertently
stumbled toward it
as a youth
but found it inaccessible
and just beyond my view
though lately
i’m involved
in introspection
my thoughts have headed
back in that direction
© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by pcdazero courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – infinite

a splendid sky in summer

sunrise pulls me
from a deep
and very pleasing slumber,
dreaming of a sunny day,
a splendid sky
in summer…
passing by the window
i see winter’s been employed
covering the hemisphere
i recently enjoyed,
working til the wee hours
blinding eyes
with ceaseless white,
winter’s had a rather busy night…
snow that bends the willow,
masquerades the field
i’m tempted by my pillow

and i yield


© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by clkr-free-vector-images, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – tempted

just as much


she held the baby tightly
the boys were tucked in bed
the baby didn’t seem to hear
a single word she said
she said
your daddy’s coming home my sweet
he won’t be gone for long
he didn’t mean those ugly things
he knows that he was wrong
he needs a breath of fresh air now
and time to think it through
and yes, your daddy loves me,
i’m sure your daddy loves me,
believe your daddy loves me
as much as he loves you.

she held her mother tightly
the boys were in the yard
she tried to keep from crying
but by now it wasn’t hard
eleven years of no return
her mother had hung on
a hope had kept her barely there
but now that hope was gone
she said
my daddy won’t be home again
he has another life
he has another family
he has a wealthy wife
he never meant to come back here
but you just never knew
and yes, my daddy loves me,
i’m sure my daddy loves me,
believe my daddy loves me
as much as he loves you

© 2008 & 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by froot, courtesy
daily prompt – gone
napping with the Daily prompt – baby, while I work on something new