at the other end

i have to be alone
she said
he turned to go
he didn’t though
he only stared ahead
don’t hesitate to call
he said
if you should be in need
of someone to squash spiders
or stomp on centipedes
don’t stop your hand
if you should reach
to phone to find a friend
i’ll be always waiting
at the other end

©  2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by tookapic, courtesy
 created for the Daily prompt – hesitate

you are the center


the company
you keep
can make
your day
and make
your heart
and if i had
my way
then we would
never be apart
you are the party
you are the center
of the world
my man
my girl
the center of
my world

© 2003 & 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
 Daily prompt – center

no wind blows here

her mind’s become a wasteland
an arid desert town
abandoned by its residents
all that’s left is brown
nothing grows here
no wind blows here
do not ask
‘cuz no one knows here
she can’t think now
she can’t focus
today she got her diagnosis



© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by _marion, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – arid

his triumph’s temporary

he tosses out a racial slur
like it’s o.k. to say
believing, with his man in charge,
that things have gone his way
that now he has his rights back
to hate and pass it on
not seeing that no matter what
the future marches on
that those who know
and those who’ve learneddracumel_by_darransims
that everyone is equal
that those survivors
of the years
will not accept a sequel
his triumph’s temporary
good people will prevail
and he’ll be sent
back to his rock
his legs around his tail


© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by darran sims, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – slur


apathy don’t give a damnapathy
who i was or what i am
it don’t care what
i want to be
it hasn’t even
heard of me
apathy don’t really know
how to let its feelings show
how to summon energy
or move with more
than lethargy
apathy can’t love or hate
it don’t care if it makes you wait
apathy is not a who
and yet it makes me think of you

©  1978 & 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning

picture courtesy
Daily prompt – heard

perhaps we broke the law

meetingwe sit in awkward
silence since
they called us to assemble
or whisper to our cohorts
as we fidget
and we tremble
the company is
on the brink
of greatness or disaster
this ship is either sinking
or it’s getting
a new master
perhaps there’s been
a buyout
perhaps we broke the law
perhaps there’s
something coming
that no single soul foresaw
perhaps we’re relocating
be still, my heart, be still,
or maybe this is,
yes it is,
another safety  drill


©  2017 kStan(ly) Lanning

picture by john-mark kuznietsov, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – tremble

a master of his crimes

he thought he was
unseen by human eyes
not the guy
the average guy
or girl would recognize
in and out of alleyways
pinching fives and dimes
he thought he was
a master of his crimes
but he was not
so he is here
and he’ll be here
for many years
imprisoned first
then ostracized
now he is invisible
unseen by human eyes


©  2017 kStan(ly) Lanning

picture by alex van, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt recognize

inept, except

close-up-1836666_960_720can’t draw a straight line
even with a ruler
prob’ly why i tend to think
the wavy ones look cooler
can’t clean a plate right
can’t wash a car
can’t paint a mailbox
can’t play guitar
i’m talented at other things
some other people ain’t
so i don’t let it get me down
i maximize my strengths

© 2015 & 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning

picture by pexels, courtesy
Daily prompt – clean

i insist

the wind said
that’s a
lovely hat
a hat
i can’t
the girl said
please take it,
you can have it,
i insist

© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture courtesy
Daily prompt – resist

afraid that one will bite her

she’s working on a project
a facet needs replacement
but all the extra pieces
are stored down in the basement
she doesn’t want to
go therebasement
she has a fear of
afraid that one will
fall on her
afraid that one will
bite her
she’ll table this
for now
it’s no big deal,
it’s fine,
she’ll solve it like she’s done before
she’ll buy more parts online
now that she’s decided this
her tension is relieved
she’ll work on something new until
her shipment is received



© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
pictures courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – replacement