to emphasize her point

daddy loved all kinds of fish
his favorite food hands down
but momma made
the kitchen rules
no seafood was allowedseafood-platter-1605699_960_720
so any time he craved a dish
with lobster, mussels,
clams or fish
he had to take us out to eat
at fancy, upscale joints
and sit across
the room from her
to emphasize her point
momma had reserved for fish
a special kind of hate
she worried that their molecules
would creep onto her plate
their children got to see them both
behaving somewhat selfish(ly)
but as for me, my empathy
lay mainly with the shellfish(ies)*
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by mp1746 courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – fish
* because of this Lewis Carroll favorite, The Walrus and The Carpenter



… for the inspiration from the
rhymers who came before me
and the push
from the teachers who came after me…
… for my homework


i want to thank you, Harry1 for the haunting songs you sing,
for the many marvels of your many lyrics & the memories they bring
i want to thank you Billy2 for the music that you make
for the times it’s brought my head down easy & the time that it must take.
i want to thank you, Stephen3, for the depth of what you write,
and to John4 thanks for the thinking and the comfort late at night.

i want to thank you Jack Sherak5, for the added inspiration,
for the patience & the understanding throughout the duration.
i want to thank you Mr. Browne6 for giving me the drive,
for noticing the “something there” and keeping it alive.
i want to thank you Dr. Seuss for your rhythms & your rhymes,
& the list goes on & on & on & I haven’t got the time…
…they’re playing me off now…

i want to thank you Harry, I want to thank you Bill,
i want to thank you Stephen, for the extra added thrill.
many thanks to Carroll7 and to Milne8 and Nash9 and Lear10
you made me what i am today, and thank you, too, Shakespeare11
i want to thank you Jack Sherak, thank you Mr. Browne,
i want to thank you, Dr. Seuss, i want to thank you, noun…

1 Chapin; 2 Joel; 3 Sondheim; 4 Lennon
5&6Two exquisite English teachers
7 Lewis; 8 A.A.; 9 Ogden; 10Edward; 11 Will

© 1977 kStan(ly) Lanning
photo courtesy
Daily Prompt – understanding