at least we can say that we did

old paintonce upon a once
we thought we knew
— we didn’t
we learned as we grew
but we still didn’t
know what we needed to
need what we wanted
we lived what our limited
sights could see
we couldn’t have known
what we didn’t know
now we’re in it
now we see
mama wasn’t making things up
foolish we
it hurts, it scares, it looms, nightmares
i guess we were doing
the best thing for the time
we were just living, no technical crime
we were just laughing & playing & working
& learning & meeting & dancing & sporting & jesting
we were just kids
now that we’re not
at least we can say that we did
that’s the royal we,
trying to age gracefully


© 2014 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by jan erik waider, courtesy
Daily prompt – nightmare
Daily prompt – learning

in awe of the older among us

awe-oldused to wonder at
the older or infirmed
how they carried on
plodded to & from
lives & life & work
despite some obvious
in their clearly
fragile bones
used to be in awe
of how they didn’t quit
assuming that they
had a choice
i want to
so bad i crave it
no obligation
free time free life
if it’s cold stay in
if it’s nice go out
don’t have to
don’t have to
don’t have to
anything i
don’t want to
i’m too young
to feel so old
too hot
to have this cold

© 2013 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by PublicDomainPictures, courtesy
an answer to the Daily prompt – awe
and a temporary answer to the Daily prompt – obvious, while i work on something else

daily rites

you forget that it’s permanent
you have to take the medicine every daymedicine-bottle-pills
this is for keeps, it will never go away
I never thought I’d be the kind
to be able to handle the daily grind
of pills and poultices and rituals
of being good each day, habitual,
of living with the un-curable
i thought it would be unendurable
most days i can deal
surprised at how almost good i feel
then there’s days i wish i had
the strength to hurl this stuff into a canyon
misery loves company
but company prefers a healthier companion

© 2015 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by, courtesy
this verse fits the Daily prompt – companion

to the sky

soap-bubblesto flow
to float
to the sky
to the sky
to bend
to pretend
no pain
to forget
your name
to flow
to float
to the sky

when our bodies fail us
when all we have is thought
no hands to write
no mouth to speak
no feet to even walk
when we’re sealed
inside our heads
are we nearly dead?
or are we newly budding,
blooming branches stretching further
than our old physical selves
could have ever hoped to go?

soap-bubblesto flow
to float
to the sky
to the sky
to bend
to pretend
no pain
to forget
your name
to flow
to float
to the sky

© 2015 kStan(ly) Lanning
Daily Prompt – sky
Daily Prompt – pretend
photo by pinacol, courtesy
here’s an amazing woman’s incredible story
of her near-death experience

on hospitals

fevers, rashes, other ills
the worser off, the bigger bills
they give you tests, they give you chills
it’s odd how orderlies get their thrillsfunny-pinata-comic-hospital-lost-lot-candy-pics

coughs & hiccoughs, headaches, sneezes
some common and some rare diseases
mother mary, holy jeezes
i’ve got emphysema wheezes

crutches, bandages and braces
bed pans, bottles, wheelchair races
bloodshot eyes & purple faces
hospitals are sickly places



© 1977 kStan(ly)Lanning
for Dougie Zwick, when he was sick

Daily Prompt – orderly
Daily prompt – test