just as much


she held the baby tightly
the boys were tucked in bed
the baby didn’t seem to hear
a single word she said
she said
your daddy’s coming home my sweet
he won’t be gone for long
he didn’t mean those ugly things
he knows that he was wrong
he needs a breath of fresh air now
and time to think it through
and yes, your daddy loves me,
i’m sure your daddy loves me,
believe your daddy loves me
as much as he loves you.

she held her mother tightly
the boys were in the yard
she tried to keep from crying
but by now it wasn’t hard
eleven years of no return
her mother had hung on
a hope had kept her barely there
but now that hope was gone
she said
my daddy won’t be home again
he has another life
he has another family
he has a wealthy wife
he never meant to come back here
but you just never knew
and yes, my daddy loves me,
i’m sure my daddy loves me,
believe my daddy loves me
as much as he loves you

© 2008 & 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by froot, courtesy pixabay.com
daily prompt – gone
napping with the Daily prompt – baby, while I work on something new

we were once pangaea

we were once pangaea,
a continent connected,
but lately laws of gravity
have left us unprotected.
disputes propelled us
kinetics moved us
out to sea,
we are metaphysically
strangers, unexpectedly.
like islands floating
fast away
solidifying distance,
we just can’t seem
to come to terms
with peaceful coexistence.
our conversation’s
shallow now,
our smiles
are artificial,
we choose our sides,
we shield our pride,
our friendship’s
as we drift further
from the core
of what this family
was before.
©2015 kStan(ly) Lanning
Daily Prompt – connected
picture by marinebio.net courtesy bing images.com
hanging with the Daily prompt – artificial – until something newer arrives