the pickle-footed tickle

the pickle-footed tickle lived
beneath the castle keep
with other beings mythical
below the darkest deep

he crept upstairs at sunrisefig-1152054_960_720
too small for them to see
and hid himself behind
the bookcase in the nursery
peals of joyous mischief rang
when nanny left the suite
the pickle-footed tickle
tickled tiny little feet
the pickle-footed tickle
got the blame for lots of things
like leaving toys all strewn about
and leaving bathtub rings
and when the pie got eaten
they said he took the first bite
but he never got the credit for
how well they slept at night
he left on boxing day when all
they gave him was a nickel
and that’s the last we heard about
the pickle-footed tickle

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by susannp4, courtesy
Daily prompt – mythical

the girl had come unglued

we were playing baseball
margaret got mad
she told us to go outside
but we were being bad

when margaret exploded
she couldn’t be subdued
bits of her were everywhere
the girl had come unglued
we stuck her back together
the only way we could
but we were pretty shaky
so she didn’t look too good
perhaps we should
have listened
perhaps our ma won’t see
that margaret is not the
stunning doll she used to be

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by aimee vogelsang, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – subdued


moon night-1478122_960_720when the moon was little
she’d peek through our
window at night
and we’d let her sleep over
if her momma said alright
she wore her cute pajamas
with tiny yellow flowers
she’d giggle with woo and a.k.
and keep them up all hours
now that the moon is
a grown-up
she rarely comes inside
and hardly ever sleeps over
she’s far too dignified
the woo and a.k. have
grown some too
no longer the great pretenders
but we still smile every once in a while
when the sight of her makes us remember
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by schueler-design , courtesy
created for the daily prompt – moon
playing with the daily prompt – tiny

the paper was monochromatic

paint me a picture
said ma to her kids
there was paper and brushes
and paint jars with lids
then she left for a second
to answer the door
when she returned
there was paint on the floor
and the ceiling and walls
and that’s not nearly all:
though the paper was monochromatic
the children themselves were fairly prismatic
© 2015 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by Adrian Peterson, courtesy
Daily prompt – paint

the tigress and Euphrates

daddy took us to the beach
the memories so vivid,
on saturdays and sunny days,
at every chance he did it,
a great big man all blonde and tan
and 4 young giggling daughters
those were days when New York had
much less polluted waters.
we’d play for hours, good humor breaks,
and watch him watch the ladies
but steer him clear of those two there,
the tigress and Euphrates.

we’d sandcastle & seahorse ride
he never seemed to weary
and I remember stories told
of diving in Lake Erie
a full day done and like the sun
we’d pack up our possessions
and head back home
where mom would groan
her own trademark expressions
like be a brick and tell me
did he flirt with all the ladies
and we’d deny he had an eye
on the tigress or Euphrates

tigress and

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by Hans, courtesy
Daily prompt – water
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and it pictured itself with the Daily prompt – vivid until something new appears