um uh zombie

too much late at night
playin stayin in the lights
prancin dancin in the dark
runnin barefoot in the park
too much early a.m.
painting faces on the train
rickety rackety
rackety rick
need caffeine now
need it quick
and i arrive and i am here
to sit and stare and type & tap
can’t lay down now, cannot nap
taking orders on the telephone
um uh zombie
um uh zombie
um uh zombie
can’t elicit energy
to find my way back home
eyes closing
dozing dozing
i must be a sight
someday i’ll give up the day job
but how will i pay for the nights?


© 2001 & 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by fearscare , courtesy
Daily prompt – elicit

working boy

this verse is a
companion piece to
working girl
his transformation takes about
10 minutes to achieve
a button-down over his tee
cuff links in the sleeves
a tie, a vest, a quick breath test
he throws his jacket on
aqua velva, listerine,

and then, voila, he’s gone

he heads straight from the club
to work, cuz he’s a party chap
at lunch he’ll make some time
to take a 20-minute nap
and Monster-up his afternoon
with non-stop drops of caffeine
a hundred push-ups in the john

an overload of protein

when work is done he’ll head back home
it takes another 10
to change his tee and change to jeans
and head back out again
revived, re-scented, reinvented,
this life will catch up one day
for now he’s young, he’s having fun
he’ll sleep all day on sunday

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
photo by ben rossett, courtesy
this verse owes its existence to the repeated Daily Prompt – transformation
and is hanging with the Daily prompt – scent- until something new arrives