my ho-hum friend

empty-office-hallway-95771_960_720what new wonders
to discover
what old news
i never read
it’s the eve
of the eve
with time
up my sleeve
this place is nearly dead
everyone took off today
except for me and old ennui
so i’m not all alone…
we’ll play pretend,
my ho-hum friend,
i’ll stay with you til three
but then you’re on your own
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by stephen bayer, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – discover

ba ba ba bored

ba ba ba bored
ba ba ba cuz
got all my stuff done
got nothing left doin’
worth doin’
no one to play with
to run away with
i’d be okay with
all this spare time
if i could fill it
with more than a rhyme
with a master achievement
a minor accordgoogle maps, peru
a project in progress
that i could afford
looking up learning
anything new
japanese? physics?
google peru?
here’s mike with
those figures…


© 2013 kStan(ly) Lanning
Daily prompt – learning

minutes away from battery park

tick tock
tech removed the clock
but time marches stalwartly
there’s no time like the present…
now that idea is pleasant,
cuz presently I’m bored to tears.
this meeting has been going on for years
and it only just got started.
sitting with carol
in the back,
in the dark,
minutes away from battery park,
seconds away from fresh air & sun,
are we having fun?
no, not now, not none.



© 2015 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by altour, courtesy
Daily prompt – clock
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Will Work for Work

a challenge
a project
a goal to get to the finish line
something of interest
to sink my false teeth in
to captivate or entertain
or at least occupy my time
anything beats
nothing to do
i’d rather write a riddle
learn to play the fiddle
put pancakes on the griddle
than make my two thumbs twiddle
doing nothing
of consequence
but consciousness
insolence beats somnolence
can confidence beat
this is what i ask myself
when i don’t have a task
just keyboard &
virtual paper
and time
oh timecamel-993822_1280
too much
to kill
to get
to time
to go
back home
to sleep
to rise
to come
back in
give me something to do
just anything
something to hold onto
just anything
you’ll see me be
a crazed determined driven focused fanatic faction
for action,
so passionate, obsessed, i’ll say it,
so downright intent it’ll scare ya
go on, give it to me
i dare ya


© 2013 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by banksadam, courtesy
Daily prompt – false
Daily prompt – obsessed
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my strong and sorry shadow


why does boredom follow me
everywhere i go?
where is the excitement
that i’m sure i used to know?
my strong and sorry shadow,
enigma uninvited…
wasn’t there a time once when
i used to get excited?
where is my enthusiasm,
my joie de vivre,
my vivre?
i don’t have pneumonia,
i don’t have a fevre,
maybe it’s adhd
or the angle of the sun
when it meets my height,
and the absence of light
penetrating my brain…
whatever it is, i can’t say,
but it must be entertained.
now how to amuse it today?*

*shout out to my man, AA Milne

(c) 2014 & 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
Daily prompt — shadow
bumbling about with the Daily prompt – enthusiasm,
while i work on something new


Superwoman flew today
above the heads
of the un-spectacular
superover the cities, the towns,
the burbs
quoted in papers,
mentioned in blurbs

a sight for a slight
moment in time
an enigma
a stigma
eyes for the blind
she accomplished
she managed
she juggled
she soared
now she’s got time on her hands
and she’s bored

© 2007 kStan(ly) Lanning
Daily prompt – eyes