you are art

you are art
all your life you’ll be
1zr3wnstnvy-aaron-burdenremember that for me
you can’t help
but be that way
it’s in your dna
so go ahead and
live life loud
the ups & downs
the ins & outs
but take your camera,
pencils, paints,
you got something
others ain’t
let it take you
to new places
let it help you
get through stasis
someday when they’re so inclined
your stars may align
and even if they never do
there will remain a piece of you
take heart
are art


© 2015 & 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by aaron burden, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – someday

the artist unrequited

on a sliver of an island
in a country by the sea
stands a statue of a tortoise
made by time and tides and Me

on a sliver of an island

I am knowing I am wise,

omnipotent, supreme
I am always in disguise
generous, extreme

I made mountains out of mole hills
I made oceans out of  lakes
I made woman out of man’s ribs
and it’s true I’ve made mistakes
but the tortoise on the sliver
few have ever been to see
is the one thing I’ve created
that most pleases me.
© 2005 kStan(ly) Lanning
photo by Ivan Slade, courtesy
Daily prompt – mountain
linked again for the Daily prompt – island and the Daily prompt -mistake,
because, well, like the tortoise, it wants to be seen

15 more years

how in heck,
what a pain in the neck,
will I get from now until then?
here til 5 with nothing to do
and now it’s only just 10.
1 hour wasted, bored to tears
how will I make it for 15 more years?
what can I be doing, where else would I be
if my brain could move a more positive me?

sailing on the nile
photo by Jacqueline Macou courtesy

dancing on the moon
picnicking in June
sailing on the Nile
painting on a smile
writing out a plan
flirting with a man

running for a train
cleaning out that drain
singing a duet
making a good bet
living like it’s fun
not hurting anyone
making art my bitch
never getting rich


double negative by Lauren Peng
photo by Lauren Peng courtesy

something new
on days like this,
but rarely
with little
or don’t
but won’t
got to find a way to stay busy
until I don’t have to be busy
no more


© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning

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