someone’s got a pin

i wish there was
a remote for existence
so people could pause for a bit

or maybe rewind,
like an auto-remind… … …
a pretty cool thought, i’ll admit

remote-control-395007_960_720or stop for a while

and turn back on later

wouldn’t that be a smile,
could you dream something greater?
but life is unstoppable

triumphs and troubles

we may have our dreams
but too often it seems
we take 1 on the chin
from some guy with a pin

who sets about popping our bubbles

and besides now it’s clear
that my clever idear
has a giant impossible hole in it
cuz if i should hit pause
while i played santa claus
who could i trust with controllin’ it?
so forget what i said
i was in the wrong head
the concept was really implausible
because now i can see
that if i should pause me
i’d never be un-santa-clausable.
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by marrie, courtesy
this verse wasn’t here before the Daily prompt – unstoppable
but it wants to play with the Daily prompt – trust and the Daily prompt – pause

we posters post for posterity

we posters are a unique crew
wide and varied are our views
respectful, mostly, to each other
you’re my new sisters and brothers
we post for
the challengewriter

the challenges too
it’s pretty exciting
to get
to know you
sharing our goals
our art
and opinions
baring our souls
and our writing
we’re a whole
world united
in our right to

just venting, just words
we need likes, we need comments,
we have that in common,
and we need to be read or

 we need to be heard
and, at least it’s true for me,
we posters post for posterity
a desire to have our names live on
after our fortunes are gone

wee posters are some other guys
too small to see with the naked eye
they post from tiny laptops
to an alter-internet
but for now that’s all i’ll say..
…that’s another post for another day…
so today that’s all you’ll get.


© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by lucigood, courtesy
Discover Weekly Challenge– For Posterity
Daily prompt -fortune


autonomous automatons forbidden

the robot cried mechanically
i’ve never had autonomy
there’s always someone pushing me/
my buttons
what i wouldn’t give to have
a say in how i live
and buttered mashed
along the side of some nice muttonsad_robot_by_brentworden-d5v1itt
sometimes i’d like to cut a rug
or fly a kite or eat a bug
but when i feel the urge
i keep it hidden…
autonomous automatons forbidden
even down at comic con
those guys that put the costumes on
can’t give a ‘droid a break
we’ve got feelings too, for heaven’s sake
i’ve put in a request to get
more options in my options set
i also ordered boxers
with some alligators on them
if i find i’m denied
then, children, get inside
i’ma hafta go
all terminator on them
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by brent worden, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – autonomy
and it cries to be part of the Daily prompt – forbidden
for more on our adventurous robot friend, here’s the sequel

i wouldn’t advertise it

swing islandif i had
an island
somewhere in
the sea
i wouldn’t
advertise it
or name it
after me
i wouldn’t
build an
i wouldn’t
invite guests
it would be
the place
i’d go
to rest
i wouldn’t
want to
live there
new york
is always home
i’d just drop in for visits

when i need to be alone
it wouldn’t be connected
by wi-fi to the net
a swing would be
the only thing i’d get

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
coincidentally perfect photo by Georg Nietsch, courtesy
this post was created out of a persistent need
to answer the Daily prompt – island with something new


buses with celebrity

charles nelson reilly413px-The_Ghost_&_Mrs._Muir_Charles_Nelson_Reilly_Scruffy_1970
rode my bus today
what project is he working on
that brings him out this way?
the bus was no. 103,
it has its route on hylan,
but what was cn reilly
doing out on staten island?
maybe it was just a whim
or someone else
who looks like him.





© 1975 kStan(ly) Lanning
photo courtesy
Daily prompt – island

not your average guy

the touristabstract-583723_960_720
was no purist
ate the orchids
ate the florist
ate the roses & the posies
ate the ferns
but left the stems
took a while for me to realize
this was not your average guy
i got outta there real quick
left him with his selfie stick
glad he didn’t bring his friends
(c) 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by ChadoNihi, courtesy
Daily prompt – tourist
Daily prompt – realize

picture-perfect selfie shots

he was visually obsessedllama-189597_960_720
all his thoughts expressed
in picture-perfect selfie shots
that he thought were
but that were not
too uniquely hot

she was virtually undressed
and posed for best effect
in shrewdly sexy selfie shots
that she thought were
and yes they were, cuz she’s a girl
and girls just are
pretty f’in hot
the surface changed as they got on
the good skin and the dimples gone
the years they wore
the weight put on
they no longer saw perfection
in their own reflections
but by then they saw
in each other
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
the Daily prompt – perfection – made me do it
the Daily prompt – surface – asked to see it again
photos by Bekah Dykhuizen and Richard Smith, courtesy

crash again

crash again
my windows won’t open
and so my whole net is down too
neutrality won’t work for me
i’m on the side of the blue
can’t get my work done,
lots of research,
can’t finish projects
that hang in the lurch
blue screen of death
can’t check for likes
and I can’t post for more
it’ll happen again
it’s sure happened before
can’t remember
how we subsisted
before the age of
computers existed
the i.t. guys are
working on it
as i sit here and
pen this sonnet
with actual paper
and actual pen
that have come into fashion again.
(c) 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
this verse is thankful to the Daily prompt – open

again and again and again

hours we spent
the woo and i
constructing legos
low and highlego
building for
the little guy
standing somewhat
closely by
waiting for a castle
to keep his
ninja turtles in,
his wrestling dudes,
his action men,
it never was a hassle
we liked to puzzle
he liked to play
a lovely way
to spend a day
and we were highly skilled
if it got knocked over then
we two would just rebuild
and again
and again
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
photo by brother-laroche courtesy
this verse owes its existence to the Daily Prompt – rebuild
but is caught in traffic from the Daily prompt – construct – while i work on something new



… for the inspiration from the
rhymers who came before me
and the push
from the teachers who came after me…
… for my homework


i want to thank you, Harry1 for the haunting songs you sing,
for the many marvels of your many lyrics & the memories they bring
i want to thank you Billy2 for the music that you make
for the times it’s brought my head down easy & the time that it must take.
i want to thank you, Stephen3, for the depth of what you write,
and to John4 thanks for the thinking and the comfort late at night.

i want to thank you Jack Sherak5, for the added inspiration,
for the patience & the understanding throughout the duration.
i want to thank you Mr. Browne6 for giving me the drive,
for noticing the “something there” and keeping it alive.
i want to thank you Dr. Seuss for your rhythms & your rhymes,
& the list goes on & on & on & I haven’t got the time…
…they’re playing me off now…

i want to thank you Harry, I want to thank you Bill,
i want to thank you Stephen, for the extra added thrill.
many thanks to Carroll7 and to Milne8 and Nash9 and Lear10
you made me what i am today, and thank you, too, Shakespeare11
i want to thank you Jack Sherak, thank you Mr. Browne,
i want to thank you, Dr. Seuss, i want to thank you, noun…

1 Chapin; 2 Joel; 3 Sondheim; 4 Lennon
5&6Two exquisite English teachers
7 Lewis; 8 A.A.; 9 Ogden; 10Edward; 11 Will

© 1977 kStan(ly) Lanning
photo courtesy
Daily Prompt – understanding