one of the few

sunlight dancing on the water
a breeze in the trees as we wafted by
sergeant birds, all black till they flew
then yellow/orange breasts showing
and the sky – – oh the sky
angel clouds,  whale and rabbit,
or foot, or dead fish
depending on your angle
willows already weeping
egrets perched like vultures
fountains in the middle

once by magical, twice by musical,
third time, soaking wet
but yet – an adventure
bird’s eye view of the waterfall,
turtle on a log,
AK says it’s a trick
so people will go over
find out it’s fake
have to pay for the extra hour,
turtle jumps in the water
as we get closer
so many people in the park today
so many different kinds,
different things doing
but all the same
enjoying this incredible
long-awaited spring day
basking in sun rays
breathing in fresh scents
simple pleasures can still conquer all
i hope you’ll both remember this,
a good day with your father

© 1999 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture courtesy
Daily prompt – clouds

listen, mr. everything sucks

I could have you hold you
love you teach you
I can’t reach you
I could feed you need you adore you
I can’t do more for you
things you have to learn yourself
others have it worse
you have choices you have chances
life is not your curse
others have it worse
I wish I could impart my mind
my hope my faith my drive
I could give you life but I can’t
make you feel alive
you are you, your own mind
there are things you have to find
your life’s no worse than other’s lives
I can’t convince you otherwise

live to live
that’s all the reason I can give
live to live, not just exist
to build a list
of life
a legacy
a life
to leave a mark
to take a stand
to be a part
to be a man
to make a change
enjoy the small
be in awe
of the great
admire desire
conspire retire


© 2012 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by, courtesy
an answer to the Daily prompt – awe
and the Daily prompt – admire

having empty space to fill

empty space
how coud i
forget the thrill
of having empty
space to fill
with words that
and unbidden
you know?
there’s a lot of
thrills i’ve forgotten
details of life
that i’ve lost
but at least
i have two,
AK & the Woo
to remember
for me
all the things
we go through
maybe the space
that this clears
in my head
can be used to exhume
these old beats
from the dead
maybe the room that this
clears in my brain
will be a room
i can live in again.
© 2002 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by Kaz, courtesy
an answer to the Daily prompt – empty

again and again and again

hours we spent
the woo and i
constructing legos
low and highlego
building for
the little guy
standing somewhat
closely by
waiting for a castle
to keep his
ninja turtles in,
his wrestling dudes,
his action men,
it never was a hassle
we liked to puzzle
he liked to play
a lovely way
to spend a day
and we were highly skilled
if it got knocked over then
we two would just rebuild
and again
and again
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
photo by brother-laroche courtesy
this verse owes its existence to the Daily Prompt – rebuild
but is caught in traffic from the Daily prompt – construct – while i work on something new

cutlery in the days of rage

wooper had a pretty fork
we took it when we ran
there’s so few ways to
retain sane
like a pretty fork can
her pretty fork and her Mi-mou
the only things that mattered
whenever we escaped his rage
and peaceful life got shattered
and then along came akj,
our 3rd, our musketeer,
and ak had a fancy spoon
that he held near and dear

cutlery defined us then
it helped us cope with life
his the spoon
hers the fork
mine the bloody knife

photo by Humusak, courtesy

© 2015 kStan(ly) Lanning

Discover Challenge – fork


crowded train
photo courtesy

it’s sardine time
on this train
we cannot fit
a single grain
we even can’t fit
no more air
we will explode
with one more air
to little pieces
goodby my nephews
goodbye nieces

they’re pushing to
get on again
evil women
cruel men
if we explode
they’ll never find us
and there’s a new train
right behind us
we couldn’t fit
one drop of water
goodby my son
goodbye daughter



(c) 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
title courtesy my boy

Daily Challenge – grain

luckier than

I have been lucky,
luckier than
and I’m grateful for
but it wasn’t the plan
it should have been harder
I should have been smarter
there should have been chaos
there should have been sweat
it should have been brutal
if I’m being truthful
and that’s the part
that I don’t get
there should have been
struggle, a challenge,
a climb
that brought me
to my knees
but that sweet girl
& boy of mine
made motherhood
a breeze

luckier than

© 2015 kStan(ly) Lanning
Daily prompt – chaos
Reverie Prompt – mother


can’t dance
since my hip got sprained
can’t operate,
i was never trained
can’t marathon,
asthma inhibits
can’t stop rhyming,
as this exhibits.
the rhymes were the reason
i was without reason
i could babble for hours and days
i tried not to notice
(most people don’t know this)
how hungry i was for some praise.
when i was in high school i carried a box
with my poems all numbered and sorted
i had a small crew i could show my work to
and always be promptly rewarded.
now that i’ve lived
a whole lot of life
i’m looking at what i’ll be leaving —
the legacy
to my kids from me
may not be financially freeing.
they’ll inherit my verse,
hey things could be worse,
but my two are my raisons d’être.
as for the the poems and etcetera,pelican
if i don’t have
a way to get the art out,
creative me may cease to be
and i will cry my heart out.
i’ve always had, up to this day,
to say things in a different way,
to work art in to every job
to be the one uncommon slob
to stand somewhat apart,
those are my raisons d’art.

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
re-posted with the Daily prompt – marathon, until something new runs in

stone cold

Stone Cold Steve is a pop-out

Laying on my desk stone cold

Dude left him here,

lost him in the mess.

Yuk what an ugly son-of-a- (ahem)

Some guys I guess were born like that

Some work to look like them

My son wants to be like that

Beefy brawler, nothin’-but- chest.

Imagine one day AKJ

a pop-out stand-up kind of guy

Laying on my desk.



© 1999 kStan(ly) Lanning

the natural

he was their guru
he was their god
he was their master, how odd,
how odd

he ruled the playground
he cast all their roles
he was just 3 but they
gave him control

the 10’s and 11’s,
the 8’s and the 9’s
his age didn’t matter
his rule was divine

now he is doubting
unsure of his worth
unsure of his reasons
for being on earth

he’s still their master but
he doesn’t know,
he’s a natural leader

with nowhere to go



(c) 2014 kStan(ly) Lanning
Daily prompt – natural