for gregor

gregor, man, you blow my mind,
you make the wheels start turning.
just when i think i know it all,
you speak and start me learning.
how would i now know any zappa*
or the source of your jacket
that’s lined in alpaca
or the reason why math
isn’t bad by a half
or when is the best time
for synchronized laughs
gregor, man, to me you are
the world in human form

well-rounded although not as round,
but almost always warm
you challenge and you entertain
enlightening my brain’s terrain

gregor macduffie on harmonica

(gregor, man, i lost your poem,
the first one that i penned…
i’ve tried to recreate it here
but if the first one reappears
i’ll update this again.)


© 1977 and 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
recreated for the Daily prompt – learning



on easter


on easter it was quite a thrill
to meet you out on old horse hill
you with your yellow ribbons and bows
you with nail polish on your fingers & toes
you with unnatural curls in your hair
you who your mother dolled up with great care.
and then to compare our baskets of food
which often left me in a very bad mood.
me with my jellies and chocolate bars
you with your bunnies and big candy stars
large eggs and small eggs and thick chocolate fudge–
— you never knew that i carried a grudge.

©1975 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by engel62 , courtesy
daily prompt – carry


invitationme & dawn
are getting
yellow daisies
will be carried
and for the aisle
we’ll use her walk
and draw an altar
out of chalk.
start at one
and after
we’ll have
lots of fun
at the party
in her back yard
for which you need
a membership card

©1975 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by lovetotakephotos , courtesy
daily prompt – carry
attending the Daily prompt – invitation, until something new arrives

mistaken identity

when i laugh
when i cry
if you’re really youcopycat
then who
am i?
you’re using
my jokes
you’re telling
them wrong
if you’re being you,
then where have i gone?
your friends
are my friends
you do
what i do
if you’re me
and i’m me
then who’s being you?


© 1976 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by schmid-reportagen, courtesy
Daily prompt – joke
Daily prompt – copycat

a day with the woo and dudu too

white-snow-geese-426779_960_720there’s nothing like
a day with the woo
a park
a play
a film
a zoo
any place
at all
will do
she makes me think
she makes me proud
and dudu
makes me laugh too loud
we three
in this moment
are free
a great thing for
three silly geese to be
a day with them both
at the least
is enlightening
and a future with neither
is amazingly frightening
…     Ω     …

© 2009 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by 70154, courtesy
Discover weekly Challenge – shared journeys


remcy moved to minnesota

remcy’s gone
and i didn’t get my hug
and i’m worried when
he gets there
they’ll think he’s
some young thug

and they’ll never get to
know him
cuz to know him is remcy
to love him
now he’s gone
thinking of him

he’s a skater
not a hater
please don’t hurt him
he’s unique
you won’t know him
’til you meet him,
if you meet him,
let him speak
he has depth
shake his hand
he’s an interesting man.

please protect him
for the rest of us
he is one
of the best of us.
and we’ll want him back


© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by remcy himself
this verse was written before minnesota happened
but after everything else
Daily prompt – depth


when a simple thank you isn’t enough

jay said no, mitch said no, but Sethie drove me home
neil complained, and that explains why i wrote Seth a poem:

i live out in oshkosh, Seth lives in tibet.
between the two, i’d say that oshkosh
is the harder place to get
but every night when time got on
& the rest of the people in the cast were gone,
Sethie stayed til i was through –
which was a sweet thing for him to do

over the deserts and plains we’d ride,
over the roads to the other side,
on highways, freeways, turnpikes & fields,
stopping at stop signs, yielding at yields,
racing with jaguars and racing with time,
flirting with danger and flirting with crime,
playing with fire and playing with death…
…thank God we made it, and thank God for Seth.


© 1977 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by engvall, courtesy
Daily prompt – desert
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if the wind comes

best friends

the tree
in the field
found a buddy
a pal in the form of a cloud
secrets were shared
souls were bared
games were enjoyed
tricks were employed
a day in the life
of two once-lonely boys
who somehow had found each other
as night creeps in
the tree
whispers almost inaudibly
will you be here tomorrow
the cloud says oh yes
and we’ll make up more games
but if the wind comes
i may not look the same
you’ll know it’s me when you
say my name
my name is best friends forever
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
this story was brought about by the Daily prompt – clouds,
and this amazing picture by Bessi, courtesy
and now it’s telling me it would be crazy to leave it out of the Daily Prompt – wind
and insane to not let it play with the Daily prompt – tree

this behavior has to stop

playful puppies
friskin’ kitten
one of you has took my mittens
one of you has chewed my socks
this behavior has to stop

friskin’ kitten
playful puppies
one of you has ate the guppies
one of you has peed the floor
I’m not friends with you no more
puppis & kitten bay Hall1 courtesy
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
this verse exists thanks to the Daily Prompt – playful
photo by Hall1 courtesy