why not say hello

kyle the kangaroo kangaroo-kyle
with hopeful
often these
were beneath
his expectations
some beneath
his dignity
some not worth
the woe
one time
they brought
sponge cake,
so why not say hello


©  2017 kStan(ly) Lanning

picture by unsplash, courtesy pexels.com
created for the Daily prompt expectation

the enemy

today i have
an enemy
the enemy is
just contemplating
that all day
has been too

it brought my
mood down
seven flights
and left me
at the bottom
so please somebody
rescue me
with daft smiles,
if you’ve got ’em


©  2017 kStan(ly) Lanning

picture by tookapic, courtesy pexels.com
created for the Daily prompt – seriousness

tepid like the tea

was the reception
tepid like the tea
that we were served
though we deserved
a sparkling white chablis
we’d made a major breakthrough
we’d solved a major crime
when we came back to tell them
that their uncle would serve time
they didn’t take it like we thought
we didn’t read the room
they didn’t like the gift we brought
the way we had assumed
the men got out their rifles
and backed us out the door
and that explains why we don’t go
to weddings anymore


©  2017 kStan(ly) Lanning

picture by openclipartvectors, courtesy pixabay.com
created for the Daily prompt lukewarm

walter told a little lie


little walter was aware

that ruth had other suitors
so walter told a little lie
he told her they’d been neutered

there’s little walter
waiting at the altar
patiently for ruth
while ruth pursues the truth

©  2017 kStan(ly) Lanning

picture by iicaityy, courtesy pixabay.com
created for the Daily prompt aware

lush lush



the lush lass
slept it off
in the lush grass
woke up with
a banging head
could be worse
she could be dead
next night
she fell down
even quicker
some girls
just can’t
hold their liquor
if this lush grass
gets any lusher
this lush lass
will need an usher
to find
her way
back home

©  2017 kStan(ly) Lanning

picture by tobiasd, courtesy pixabay.com
created for the Daily prompt lush

not nice

a creature
it’s just


©  2017 kStan(ly) Lanning

picture by barnimages, courtesy pixabay.com
created for the Daily prompt criticize

consortium emporium


the geese flocked to the zoo to see
a gaggle of themselves
with other little statuettes
on other little shelves
the souvenir shop had stocked up
on groups of every critter
from bloats of hungry hippos
to a lounge of leaping lizards
some foxes skulked into the shop
they bought a pack of rats
followed by a baboon troop
who sought a cloud of bats
alligators congregated curiously too
sure they’d heard of caribou
they came to catch a few


©  2017 kStan(ly) Lanning

picture courtesy pexels.com
created for the Daily prompt – heard


apathy don’t give a damnapathy
who i was or what i am
it don’t care what
i want to be
it hasn’t even
heard of me
apathy don’t really know
how to let its feelings show
how to summon energy
or move with more
than lethargy
apathy can’t love or hate
it don’t care if it makes you wait
apathy is not a who
and yet it makes me think of you

©  1978 & 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning

picture courtesy pexels.com
Daily prompt – heard

perhaps we broke the law

meetingwe sit in awkward
silence since
they called us to assemble
or whisper to our cohorts
as we fidget
and we tremble
the company is
on the brink
of greatness or disaster
this ship is either sinking
or it’s getting
a new master
perhaps there’s been
a buyout
perhaps we broke the law
perhaps there’s
something coming
that no single soul foresaw
perhaps we’re relocating
be still, my heart, be still,
or maybe this is,
yes it is,
another safety  drill


©  2017 kStan(ly) Lanning

picture by john-mark kuznietsov, courtesy unsplash.com
created for the Daily prompt – tremble

misadventures of the young inventor

he built himself
a craft
to serve him
as a raft
old bottles were
the base of it
with plywood on
the face of it
the ocean got
a taste of it
and swallowed it
for dinner
lucky thing that boy
is a good swimmer



©  2017 kStan(ly) Lanning

picture by modi74, courtesy pixabay.com
created for the Daily prompt craft