the ever-patient patient

it’s ten a.m.
i’m going home
with music in my ears
survived a week in hospital
i’m holding back some tears
the nurses here were angels
the doctors were the bomb
the guy in radiology
reminded me of mom

now it’s twelve
and i’m still here
the ever-patient patient
they’re dealing with a problem
with the patient who’s adjacent
i fell asleep
and now it’s two
how time flies in this vault
they still have not released me
and of course it’s no one’s fault
it’s 6:00
they brought more food
their effort to appease
but took away my pillow
and my blankets
so i freeze
they wheel-chaired me
at 8:00
and left me in the hall
but since i’m packed
and strapped in tight
i can’t do much at all
it’s ten p.m.
i’m going home
and it’s for real this time
too content to hold a grudge
the air out here’s divine



© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by monreal312, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – ten

2 thoughts on “the ever-patient patient

  1. I don’t know the details, but if you’ve had to actually deal with all this, i commend you on your sense of humour, and do hope you’re feeling much better/ have better days ahead!


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