the man in the purple suit

check out the shimmy on jimmy
look at what’s shakin’ on jake
going by him he
lives in the gym he’s
got moves though that
make the earth quake!

the man in the purple can movepurple-suit
somethin’ to say or to prove
the man in the purple suit rocks
even got lavender socks!

pink spandex pants on petunia
clinging like flies to old fruit
she wobbles and rolls
doesn’t know she’s got holes
the ‘tude says she thinks it looks cute.

these two fashion potentates are stand out
an eye-popping, mind boggling pair
but neither will catch
this aesthetical match
or notice the other one’s there!

© 1998 & 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by, courtesy
inspired by 2 real people getting off the ferry one day
Daily prompt – aesthetic
Daily prompt – purple


5 thoughts on “the man in the purple suit

  1. I really am impressed by your creativity. I feel like most of the time, if I’m writing a poem, it’s rooted in life experience, but this poem (and others on your site) just come straight from the creative ether.


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