no sneakers

the marathon began at 1
a thousand avid ants
fire-ants-1790262_960_720now race across the kitchen floor
i’ve tried but yet i can’t
locate the place the race began
to staunch the flow or stop it
it seems to end where my veal cutlet
landed when i dropped it
the runners wear no sneakers
no numbers on their backsfire-ants-1790262_960_720
their uniform is, to an ant,
entirely jet black
they don’t get winded
don’t slow down
they’re made of tougher stuff
i cheer them on with insect spray
i hope i have enough

© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by skeeze, courtesy
created for the  Daily prompt – marathon
participating in the Daily prompt – avid

10 thoughts on “no sneakers

  1. Ha! Relatable. This afternoon i went to take the wheelie bins out, and there was a l-o-n-g trail of ants leading into to the bin, coming from *somewhere* in the back yard. The bin was swarming with them. Ugh! It’s never happened before, and i wondered why….surely outside bins seem a pretty open goal for creatures such as antsies. I probably shouldn’t go giving them ideas. Anyway, i’m just thankful i saw them before i touched the bin O.o


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