ballad of a body in decline

once when i was capable
i could walk all day
start out at the ferry
and gladly make my way
home to 84th street
and then play double dutch
once i was unbreakable
once when i was capable
now it hurts
pain pain go away
i’d rather have it rain today
i’d rather have a baby
elephant or maybe
octopus or porcupine
rather than this pain of mine
that can’t be found
on radar screens
or noisy MRI machines
replace my
endo outdoor-skeleton
or please release me
let me go

© 2015 & 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by the amazing, inimitable,  siddiebowtie – seriously, check out her site!
created for the Daily prompt – capable

5 thoughts on “ballad of a body in decline

  1. This is- as usual- so well done. You have a way of describing complicated feelings and situations in such a clear, concise manner. I’m honoured to see an illustration of mine alongside your words 🙂


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