the absence of technique

daddy’s darling watched him paint
and wanted to paint some too
so he let her paint the mailbox
but he found when she was through
paint on her clothes
and the tip of her nose
and a blue slash defining her cheek
he really had to marvel atpainted-girl-807497__340
the absence of technique
there was paint on her arms,
in fact, most of her body
the mailbox however,
decidedly spotty,
needed painting again
to look painted first
if it had been a dismal day
daddy would have cursed
but no other apprentice was cheerier
and she had such zeal
so next time she appealed
he assigned her the closet interior
© 2017 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by matlachu, courtesy
Daily prompt – interior

7 thoughts on “the absence of technique

  1. Perfect! Love the flow of the words. I can see the little painter paint the mailbox from Daddy’s eyes.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR IN 2017!!!!!!


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