fantastically bombastic

german is my
favorite language
so enthusiastic
staccato sounds
that bounce around
fantastically bombastic
ich habe hunger
ich habe durst
it’s almost like
there’ll be a star
for the one who
feeds me first
imperative, imperial
impressive german is
guttural, unutterably
expressive german is
ganzen morgen
ganzen abend
authoritative, sonorous
and when it’s
set to music
it’s mellifluous,
oh tannenbaum
auch luftballoon
willst du mit mir gehen
na ja nicht mich
ich liebst du nicht
also, auf wiedersehen

© 2014 & 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by the3cats, courtesy
Daily prompt -enthusiasm
the translations:
ich habe hunger – i am hungry
ich habe durst – i am thirsty
ganzen morgen, ganzen abend – all morning, all evening
oh tannenbaum – oh christmas tree
auch luftballoon –  the balloon too
willst du mit mir gehen – will you go out with me
na ja nicht mich – yeah, no, not me
ich liebst du nicht – i don’t love you
ach, also, auf wiedersehen – oh well, see you later


3 thoughts on “fantastically bombastic

  1. This is brilliant! My mum can speak german, and i remember some of the words making me laugh as a youngling. It really is guttural and expressive..and all the other things you say about it.
    Anyhoo, i’m glad to have finally found your blog. You commented on mine aaages ago, and when i clicked on your name, it lead only to your gravatar, and there was no link to a blog at all. I had this funny notion that you were just one of my friends pretending to be someone else. I’m not sure why. But not knowing niggled at me for ages. It only just struck me to do a search, and i’m glad i did, as your writing is great!


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