daddy has no boys

i’ve got one daughter primping
in the upstairs bath since 3
my 2nd daughter’s preening
for a date with destiny
when i get in the shower
there’s no water left for me

my 3rd girl is preparing
for what, i can’t presume
there’s hair and hair clips everywhere
and underthings are strewn
as evidence that they’ve been there
in every single room

my youngest daughter babbles
that the fault is all my own
her science teacher taught her
about x-y chromosomes
no matter what her mother says
tomorrow she stays home

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by efulop, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – primp

8 thoughts on “daddy has no boys

    1. yes, that was my poor dad, finding long hair everywhere…he gave up trying after 4 girls. one of the reasons why i’m named kStan(ly)… i was his last hope. i was also the one who told him it was his fault for sending mom x instead of y chromosomes!

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      1. Hahaha. My father always complained about long hair in his hairbrush. ‘You have your own brushes!’ He would always yell at my sisters and me…his just felt so much nicer ^_^


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