she wants to know who

a daring dame
who has no name
at least not one
she’ll share
has moved into belukketupa-1521350_960_720
the woods by us
as far as we’re aware
and she wants
to know who
though i’m sure
i don’t know
and when i ask why
she won’t say
she asks who again
and i want it to end
and i wish she would
just fly away
who what? who who?
not sure what to do
i throw up my arms
in frustration
she’s becoming a pest
as she stares
from her nest
a silent and sure
it ain’t me i insist
but whoever it is
i would give you
their name if i knew
so please go away
it’s been too long a day
and what does she say?
she says “who?”
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
photo by jay d lim, courtesy
created for the Daily Prompt – daring
questioning the Daily prompt – aware, while something new is brewing

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