naomi thinks she’s ready

naomi held her first affair
and all her closest
friends were there
to celebrate her savoir-faire
but hey, o.k., no pressure
culinary school had been
her last hurrah,
now five years in
to her first-year semester
we won’t discuss the details
we’ll take you to the end
naomi would have done this
if she’d been a better friend
the guests were getting hungry
after all the fails
they pinned their hopes on
eating something sweet,
with no entrails…
the cake was a mistake
no, scratch that, a disaster
among the inner workings
there may have been some plaster
there surely were some cat hairs
and what looked like once-ate greens
the friends made their excuses
then went straight to Krispy Kreme


cat cake

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture  courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – cake

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