closer to the ground

i start each morning armed
and ready for a fight —
my bag with water bottle, left,
a hard book on my right.

to walk the sidewalks of NY5th_ave_sidewalk_new_york_city
you have to have a plan,
a strategy to never get
knocked over by the man.

you keep far right
and yet and still
they’ll walk right into you
unless you have artillery
that’s sure to leave a bruise.

i hold my path, i plow ahead,
come on at me, i dare them.
if they choose rude
it is my goal
to lastingly impair them.

so if you want to come at me
don’t cry when you get downed
‘cuz i’m built like a bulldog
and i’m closer to the ground.

© 2015 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture from streetenglish, courtesy
Daily prompt – sidewalk

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