the squirrel who lived in our shed

this is the story of duncan hines,
squirrel-1530801_960_720the squirrel who lived
in our shed
this may explain to you
why i love squirrels,
those experts at
planning ahead…
oh, never mind,
i’m not of the mind
to wax nostalgic about
a critter who ate
all the cake mix
and went on to
clean us out
of all the provisions
we stored in the shed
when we ran out of
room in the house
because now we’ve got
a meddlesome mouse
or four
making me think
that I’m not more
but a whole lot
less determined
to extol the virtues of vermin.

© 2009 kStan(ly) Lanning
photo by rthnwagner, courtesy
Daily prompt – expert

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