resisting physics blissfully


if we were light as feathers
could we float on top of clouds?
it’s what i’ve always wanted,
i’ll say it, i ain’t proud…
logically it couldn’t be
a person half as big as me
would fall right through,
i know the science…
but if a feather in defiance
could cheat the laws of gravity
resisting physics blissfully
could sit up there despite the weather
that would be one lucky feather

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
photo by jrperes, courtesy
Daily prompt – cheat
going with the flow of the Daily prompt – float
and it couldn’t resist this Daily prompt while i work on something new

6 thoughts on “resisting physics blissfully

  1. Sitting at the beach of Sanibel Island and floating in the water looking at clouds. I feel as though I am living that blissful state, if only for a few moments!


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