much ado times two

miniature marshmallows
make much ado of nothing
but not enough of anything
one could consider fattening

if taken in small doses
a whole bunch of swallows on wires outside a windowconversely,
mini barn swallows
make much ado
of everything
and way too much
of noisiness
for helen’s
which makes
her think
to hell
with symbiosis
so helen got
her bb gun
sent those
on the run
for seconds there
the view out here was loco
now she’s back to sipping her hot cocoa
˜ Ω˜

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by jairo moretti, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – miniature

2 thoughts on “much ado times two

  1. This is not only very well done and very fun to read it’s also very fun to read aloud. There’s playfulness and a variety of sounds and noises that it’s just impossible to read out loud and not smile!


    1. thank you! i have a few that are like that, make me wish they were picture books, with a kid around to read them to. then again, these are not meant for children. then again, some of the stuff i read as a youth weren’t either. have you seen,, or they may be right up your proverbial alley.

      Thanks for reading! thanks for commenting!


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