too much of a reach

she has to change the light bulb
but it’s too much of a reach
she got a stool to stand on but
she’s still too far beneath
it’s way up there and she’s down here
her arm won’t stretch no further
it might look quite amusing
to a passing by observer
she got the ladder out but she
falls short an inch or four
she hates to have to say she’s not
the right man for this chore
the challenge here is daunting
cuz the ceiling fan is taunting and
she’s close enough up there to see
the paint has started peeling
the lesson learned too late in life:
people of a limited height
shouldn’t buy homes with high ceilings
©2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by blackbirdvisual1 , courtesy
made for the daily prompt – reach

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