thumbs up

she makes it a puzzle
for those who don’t know her
she drops little clues off
like crumbs
one might think her graceful
her tongue is so tasteful
in truth she is really all thumbs
now i wouldn’t lie
you see this little guy
he stands where she
once had a pointer
he’s sweet, but a bitch
cuz he’s itchin’ to hitch
and it kills that he’s
just a one-jointer
she makes it a challenge
for those who don’t know her
she hides little hints in
her words
while one might imagine
a high-fashion mansion
in truth this thumb thing’s getting worse.
now i kid you not
it was this very spot
where ring finger
once had some space
he was stubborn but lost
when her fingers were crossed
now “bubba” grows there in his place
and this other thumb, too,
stands where pinky once grew
and look who moved in at old middle’s
it was three stories high
and they leased to a guy
who wrote sonnets and verses and riddles

colorful-1197307_960_720this may sound outrageous
but it could be contagious
so be warned, you should
not let her near you
new thumbs may grow
from old head to once toes
you can laugh cuz
at least she won’t hear you

…now the whole of her story’s told,
that’s how it all sums up…
except she hopes that when she’s old,
when her time comes at last to go…
she hopes to go thumbs up
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by gdj, courtesy
Daily prompt – stubborn
Daily prompt – graceful

17 thoughts on “thumbs up

  1. I think this one was a little bit darker than the others and you have to really be ‘on point’ (bad pun sorry) to see. ‘You can laugh cuz at least she won’t hear you’. Like seriously! Why is this woman so disfigured. These are the twisted, violent, secretly dark Grimm’s fairy tales that modern sticky sugar sweet ones come from and you are already hiding it really well.


    1. i think it comes down to dumb luck… after an hour of patiently trying to place it just so, i gave up & let it do what it will. which device are you viewing on? i think that makes all the difference with this one.


            1. yeah that’s what is usually do with the ones i’m trying to shape. i wasn’t looking for shape on this one. that’s why i was surprised you liked the format i wondered what i looked like.


              1. Ah.. it was centered, but when the illustration came up, the poem was centered off to the side of it. Then it returned to center after the illustration.


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