minutes away from battery park

tick tock
tech removed the clock
but time marches stalwartly
there’s no time like the present…
now that idea is pleasant,
cuz presently I’m bored to tears.
this meeting has been going on for years
and it only just got started.
sitting with carol
in the back,
in the dark,
minutes away from battery park,
seconds away from fresh air & sun,
are we having fun?
no, not now, not none.



© 2015 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by altour, courtesy pixabay.com
Daily prompt – clock
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i’ll dip my toes

this weather must be punishment
for all the days i’ve wasted, spent
inside when it was breezy,
overworking for a living, look,
i see Your point,
i should have took it easy.
i get it now Sir, i’ll enjoy,
i’ll head outside with my tolstoy
i’ll smell a rose,
i’ll dip my toes
and take some outdoor classes
the second that this killer heatwave passes
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by a-r-e-s , courtesy pixabay.com
created for the
Daily prompt – punishment
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so the mighty hunter waits

fire fills his eyes
as they grow to twice their size
and lo, the mighty hunter hides
and determines
and decides
which approach would be the best
to remove this foreign pest
to protect his family
and to keep his backyard free
from bums or strays or other kinds
of predators with different minds
hunter cat-396534_960_720
so the mighty hunter waits
figures out, anticipates
a fight that may
end up in death—
he straightens up
he draws a breath,
then moves forward
slowly, steady
very sure, very ready
with stealth and splendor
towards the beast
who hasn’t seen him
in the least
and the hunter calls out loud
very strong, very proud
asks that the intruder leave…
…intruder looks up, so naive,
utters the most simple “mew”
as if to tell him “i love you”
the hunter backs up quite ashamed
because a kitten has him tamed

© 1975 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by estockiausdel, courtesy pixabay.com
Daily Prompt – slowly
Daily prompt – anticipation
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buzz buzz

oh to be
bee-649952_960_720a carefree bee
if carefree bees exist
enwrapped in fuzz
buzz buzz
buzz buzz
no time to reminisce
to be a bee
or not to be
would never be
a thought
because a bee
would be busy
just being what
bees ought
to live with
no regrets would be
an easy thing
for any bee
especially a young bee
although this bee
may be dizzy
i mean this bee
that stung me
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by skeeze, courtesy pixabay.com
Daily Prompt – carefree
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the word is unpredictable, part 2

the word is unpredictable, part 1

there is no word today!
the girl is going mad!
bring the word page back oh please
or things may turn out bad
the day will take a downhill slope
she’ll have no will
she’ll have no hope
she’ll have no reason to survive
the word was keeping her alive
it was her air
it was her food
it helped with her
creative mood
oh wait, what’s this
i have a verse to post
it doesn’t need a word prompt
it needs polishing at most
and a picture as its consort
it needs a title too
and so until they fix the page
this little verse will do.
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by chezbeate, courtesy pixabay.com
Daily Prompt – none!
Daily Prompt – they fixed it!

remcy moved to minnesota

remcy’s gone
and i didn’t get my hug
and i’m worried when
he gets there
they’ll think he’s
some young thug

and they’ll never get to
know him
cuz to know him is remcy
to love him
now he’s gone
thinking of him

he’s a skater
not a hater
please don’t hurt him
he’s unique
you won’t know him
’til you meet him,
if you meet him,
let him speak
he has depth
shake his hand
he’s an interesting man.

please protect him
for the rest of us
he is one
of the best of us.
and we’ll want him back


© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by remcy himself
this verse was written before minnesota happened
but after everything else
Daily prompt – depth


do not feed the animals

in my yard
possum-329342_960_720opossums feast
on anything
that pleases them
blooming bulbs
abandoned toys
most anything
appeases them
so if you venture
out one night
bring a sandwich
and a light
the light will keep them
back a bit
they have a little
fear of it
and while you’re watching
what they do
the sandwich is for you
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by irisflower, courtesy pixabay.com
this verse wasn’t here before the Daily prompt – feast
but it was hungry for the Daily prompt – sandwich
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motherly advice on mixed marriages

i have no appetite, she said
so what’s with all the food
i thought you might be tempted
it might get you in the mood
but no she said this is a feast
you haven’t heard me in the least
i have no urge to eat
you misinterpret
my design
or fail to see
this plan of mine
i will do the eating
if that don’t turn you on
then you can give my
tush a beating
you’re sick she said
sick in the head
but you’re sick too
he answered
that’s what you’ll get
if you should let
your epicure
marry your dancer
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by cocoparisienne, courtesy pixabay.com
this verse wasn’t here before the Daily prompt – feast
and it joins the buffet line at the Daily prompt – tempted, while i work on something new
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i was hired to care

the frail man was declining fast,
i was hired to care
and try to find out if he had
some family somewhere.
he didn’t speak in english;
whatever i would ask,
he’d answer in some foreign tongue,
intensify my task.
“ne signifie rien”, he’d say,
the few times he would speak to me
or “δε σημαίνει τίποτα”
which only sounded greek to me.photo memories-407021_960_720

i asked about relations
who might come in for a visit
while searching for some photographs
whose subjects might elicit
some response that i could use
to find his long-lost kin.
the frail man only watched me
with a small off-putting grin.
there had been speculation
of a sister in Nevada
“das bedeutet nichts”
he’d say, and “no significa nada”

the old man passed away today
can’t figure why i’m crying.
i’ve been at this far too long,
seen so many dying.
i’d just got back from starbucks
where i got us both a venti,
i asked again if he had friends
“non significa niente”.
i thought i was immune to death,
experience was numbing,
but when he died, with his last breath
he whispered “this means nothing”

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by life-of-pix , courtesy pixabay.com
Daily prompt – frail
this verse exists thanks to the lingual assistance
of the woo, jill and
lucarna (who also moved this verse to the top of my to-do-list;
see his amazing Spanish translation of this verse)
and here it is mingling with the Daily prompt – elicit
and the Daily prompt – translate- while i work on something new
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or more reality

now that wooper drives


now that wooper drives
it’s nice to be a passenger
take a break like greyhound said
and leave the driving to her
breathe in the air,
take in the views,
appreciate what we’re passing,
read the funny road signs,
see other people laughing
ooooh at pretty houses,
fancy pools and patios,
make faces at the kids in cars
so they know we’re simpatico

© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by caleb whiting , courtesy unsplash.com
this verse is here thanks to the Daily prompt – drive,
and also thanks to another lovely day with the wooper at the wheel