the journey in to work each day

pedestrians-400811_960_720.jpgthe journey in to work each day
was fraught with angst and peril
you see so many nasty folks

you wish their dads were sterile

I’m leaning on a cane lately
and walking with a brace
3 separate strangers
knocked me down
the “rats” in that “rat” race
as i toppled one just laughed
one cursed at me one growled
that commute was killing me
so I threw in the towel
now it’s the express bus to the Citysheep-974107_960_720
it’s a different view from here
even the bus stop is pretty
it’s fun to watch
those down below
who cannot see me as I go
but i see them through
blackened glass
and sometimes snicker
as we pass
some angry driver
with excess pain
as we zip by in
the express lane
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
pictures by b_me, courtesy
and by mister farmer, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – journey

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