when a simple thank you isn’t enough

jay said no, mitch said no, but Sethie drove me home
neil complained, and that explains why i wrote Seth a poem:

i live out in oshkosh, Seth lives in tibet.
between the two, i’d say that oshkosh
is the harder place to get
but every night when time got on
& the rest of the people in the cast were gone,
Sethie stayed til i was through –
which was a sweet thing for him to do

over the deserts and plains we’d ride,
over the roads to the other side,
on highways, freeways, turnpikes & fields,
stopping at stop signs, yielding at yields,
racing with jaguars and racing with time,
flirting with danger and flirting with crime,
playing with fire and playing with death…
…thank God we made it, and thank God for Seth.


© 1977 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by engvall, courtesy pixabay.com
Daily prompt – desert
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2 thoughts on “when a simple thank you isn’t enough

  1. I remember when you first wrote this poem. It was great to remember the people behind the names in the poem. Jay, Mitch, Neil and Seth. Enjoyed reading again. I can see everyone and the drive home in Seth’s car.


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