Will Work for Work

a challenge
a project
a goal to get to the finish line
something of interest
to sink my false teeth in
to captivate or entertain
or at least occupy my time
anything beats
nothing to do
i’d rather write a riddle
learn to play the fiddle
put pancakes on the griddle
than make my two thumbs twiddle
doing nothing
of consequence
but consciousness
insolence beats somnolence
can confidence beat
this is what i ask myself
when i don’t have a task
just keyboard &
virtual paper
and time
oh timecamel-993822_1280
too much
to kill
to get
to time
to go
back home
to sleep
to rise
to come
back in
give me something to do
just anything
something to hold onto
just anything
you’ll see me be
a crazed determined driven focused fanatic faction
for action,
so passionate, obsessed, i’ll say it,
so downright intent it’ll scare ya
go on, give it to me
i dare ya


© 2013 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by banksadam, courtesy unsplash.com
Daily prompt – false
Daily prompt – obsessed
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2 thoughts on “Will Work for Work

  1. give me something to do
    just anything
    something to hold onto
    just anything
    you’ll see me be
    a crazed determined driven focused fanatic faction
    for action,

    I take it that you are bored. I liked what you wrote and shows that you wouldn’t be afraid to tackle something different and interesting.

    Here’s a couple of ideas If It is something you think you would like to tackle.
    I am finishing up the series of my husband’s dementia. I have two more posts to make on that subject.

    Why don’t you try writing something that was difficult for you to go through as a child or an adult. Put your heart into it and let everyone know what your family went through and how it affected you. Every family has had problems. I dare you to share a tough experience. I cried through most of my writing. My next project may be on child abuse and my experiences with that.

    I dare you to write something personal and tell how it affected everyone involved. You have to dig deep on this type of challenge. You never know how one blog affects someone. I got a lot of comments on mine telling ” me thank you” because it has helped them really understand more about the problems they may have to face and they can see things to try, and what to expect.

    I dare you!

    How’s that?

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    1. it’s really about being bored at work… the multi-tasker after all the tasks are done. downtime is a drag. it’s a recurring theme for this over-achiever: https://kstanlyksays.wordpress.com/2016/04/26/super-duper/. I’m rarely bored when I’m not at work!

      As for your dare, this site is verse only, so you may not see it plain as day but the difficult realities are in there too, almost overwhelmingly so for one who prefers humor. Here’s just a sampling:

      but as people involved are still floating around, i curb those posts as a courtesy to them.

      thanks for reading it. believe me, more answers to your dare will follow!

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