the I of the storm

it’s a strange mix
in low tide
of thoughts swimming
alone inside
this darkness
in my mind
is not kind
storm cloudsgray clouds
building mass
blocking windows
holding class
teaching the rest
of the guys
in there
that life
is not fair
hey hey
I don’t concur
life is fine
don’t follow her
she’s on a path
to self-destruct
she’ll get you all hit
by a truck
no luck is had
but luck is made
you have to get past
2nd grade
you have to know the abc’s
before you can start
schooling me
i’ll give you a riddle
don’t be upset:
what is the middle
of the biggest storm yet?
the I of the storm

© 2015 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by radek grzybowski, courtesy
Daily prompt – darkness

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