having nothing to do with pink

pink is ugly
if you don’t wear it right
i haven’t slept for days & days
i only sleep at night
kids are really stubborn
when they put up a fight
but mosquitoes tend to come around
if you don’t turn out the light.

no, i don’t like bugs much
i doubt i ever did
so if you have a box of bugs,
please keep on the lid.

i am not illiterate
though i can’t read or write
it’s not the darkness scaring me
it’s just that there’s no light
i wouldn’t send a dog out
on such a gruesome night
but spiders are quite dangerous,
at least the ones who bite.

you know i really hate bugs,
i doubt i’ll ever stop,
so if you have a jar of bugs
please keep on the top.


© 1973 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by imageparty, courtesy pixabay.com
Daily prompt – darkness

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