rebel tendencies

tell him it’s forbidden
and he’ll be the first in line
the fruits of youth, the naked truth,
the planet, all entwined

he rises to a challenge
if it’s anything prohibited
he likes to rattle cages
and he loves the illegitimateseagull-342183_960_720

taboo is too enticing
to a guy with
rebel tendencies
but as for
poor attendance he’s
a star not set to fade
ever since he entered
second grade

nobody can lead him
so anywhere you need him
barricade his path and tell him no
build a wall
with barbs and all
and then you’ll see how far that bird can go


© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by 1websurfer, courtesy
created because of the Daily prompt – forbidden
but it fancies itself more of a daily prompt – youth – kind of guy

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