autonomous automatons forbidden

the robot cried mechanically
i’ve never had autonomy
there’s always someone pushing me/
my buttons
what i wouldn’t give to have
a say in how i live
and buttered mashed
along the side of some nice muttonsad_robot_by_brentworden-d5v1itt
sometimes i’d like to cut a rug
or fly a kite or eat a bug
but when i feel the urge
i keep it hidden…
autonomous automatons forbidden
even down at comic con
those guys that put the costumes on
can’t give a ‘droid a break
we’ve got feelings too, for heaven’s sake
i’ve put in a request to get
more options in my options set
i also ordered boxers
with some alligators on them
if i find i’m denied
then, children, get inside
i’ma hafta go
all terminator on them
© 2016 kStan(ly) Lanning
picture by brent worden, courtesy
created for the Daily prompt – autonomy
and it cries to be part of the Daily prompt – forbidden
for more on our adventurous robot friend, here’s the sequel

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